Staffs teachers strike over pay

Teachers at three Stoke-on-Trent schools are on strike for a second time in a week in a dispute over pay.

Mayday 1999 - On the tube

Mayday 2000 - Guerrilla Gardening

BA acts against three workers for Gate Gourmet solidarity

British Airways has started disciplinary proceedings against three shop stewards following August's unofficial strike at Heathrow Airport.

Answer to Dave Douglas - Cajo Brendel

Brendel replies to Douglass's criticisms of a summary of "Autonomous Class Struggle in Great Britain".

Summary of the book "Autonomous Class Struggle in Great Britain" by Cajo Brendel (Cajo Brendel)

Cajo Brendel outlines his book on history of the class struggle in Great Britain in the three decades after World War II.

Goodbye to the Unions! - A Controversy About Autonomous Class Struggle in Great Britiain

A debate between Dutch Council communist Cajo Brendel and NUM official Dave Douglass about the nature of trade unions.

Morrison, Walter, 1924-2004

Walter Morrison

A short biography of community activist Walter Morrison, a Scottish former soldier who rejected war.

Neve, John, 1844-1896

A short biography of anarchist John Neve who was active in the workers' movements in Denmark, Belgium, England, and Germany where he died in prison.

Smythe, Tony, 1938-2004

Tony Smythe

A short biography of anarchist community organiser, anti-war activist and mental health advocate Tony Smythe.