Scrap London's Olympic bid

Wildcat action brewing over the Laing O'Rourke 'contrick'

Workers employed by construction giant Laing O'Rourke are refusing the company's new pay and conditions deal.

Gardening and food-growing guide

Personal advice and tips on growing your own fruit and vegetables to stay healthy and save money.

Housing guide


A page of advice on taking action to house yourself cheaply and know your rights, in a time when buying a property is beyond many people, council housing is being sold off, rents are rising and hundreds of thousands are homeless.

Manchester United fans fight back

A press release by the Manchester Education Committee group of Man Utd supporters who disrupted a reserve team game.

Lahr, Charles, 1885-1971

A short biography of German-born British anarchist publisher and activist Charlie Lahr.

MacQueen, William 'Billy', 1875-1908

William "Billy" MacQueen

A short biography of English anarchist William "Billy" MacQueen who was active in Leeds until emigrating to the US.

Berneri, Marie Louise, 1918-1949

Marie Louise Berneri

Marie Louise Berneri was a leading member of the Freedom Group during the Spanish Civil War, the Second World War, and until her early death.

Meltzer, Albert, 1920-1996

Albert Meltzer

A short biography of British anarcho-syndicalist print worker Albert Meltzer, who was active providing support to the Spanish Resistance.

Mowbray, Charles Wilfred, 1857-1910

David Nichol and Mowbray in court

A short biography of tailor Charles Mowbray, who was possibly the first anarchist-communist in Britain. He was active in London, Norwich and the US.