The BNP's twelve worst councillors

BNP councillors have been elected on the promise to be different. Criticising the ‘old gang’, the BNP has benefited from being considered a “new” party. However, the shine appears to be already slipping from their political machine.

NHS job losses grow - as does opposition

NHS job losses

According to health union Unison nearly 7,000 job losses have now been announced across the NHS - with more to come.

Sporting victory for community in Milton, Glasgow

An eight year long campaign to save the St. Augustine's football pitches in Milton, Glasgow has finally triumphed, with a £2.4m investment in community facilities.

NHS: 'Blame the Workers.' Seriously?

Longer waiting lists, delayed treatment, redundancies, staff training slashed, patients discharged from hospital too quickly, public health programmes at risk - the NHS is in crisis.

Anti-CPE Movement: Occupations

Assorted photos of occupations from the French anti-CPE movement in 2006.

Abuse of power in the NHS - the Kerr Haslam Inquiry

Ellen Kemp looks into the sexual abuse scandal involving vulnerable people that didn’t rock the nation.

UK: Bus drivers to come out over pay

With pay stagnating and conditions under constant review by management bus workers in the Midlands have voted three to one in favour of industrial action.

PFI scheme reignites for NHS

Two major victories for government supporters of Private Finance Initiative (PFI) funding for improvements to public services have been approved in the last two weeks.

Pensions? What pensions? Legal battle with steel firm

Major legal battles have been taking place regarding private pension funds and the protections being offered to workers.

UK: 1 million workers strike to defend pensions

Tuesday 28th March 2006 saw over a million workers take part in the largest one day strike in Britain since the general strike of 1926.