Fuel Blockades

Part of a discussion about the UK fuel blockades over oil prices in 2000.

Letter concerning the struggles over the oil price in Britain

Notes by 'Dave W.' on the fuel protests of September 2000 examining the social make-up of the strikers and analysis of both mainstream and leftist reactions to the protests.

Pensions measures' £1trillion shortfall

Companies could be liable for a pension bill of £1trillion, leading to costs well over the government's original estimates of £300million a year in contributions to keep its 'pensions lifeboat' afloat.

A brief history of McDonalds Workers' Resistance

International McDonalds strike in Germany

A brief history of MWR, by MWR - a network of McDonald's workers in the UK fighting to organise in the multinational anti-union food giant. Young, dynamic and exciting, MWR unfortunately mostly wound down in 2004.

Mark Goodier - broke BBC strike

Radio scab-a: Goodier

Mark Goodier, radio presenter from Zimbabwe, crossed picket lines to work during the 2005 BBC strike.

Searchlight for Beginners - Larry O' Hara

An investigation into anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, and its links with British intelligence services. Despite causing a lot of problems for fascists, Searchlight gathers intelligence on both the right and the left and amongst other things has launched smear campaigns against anarchists. Its agenda is firmly set in the interests of the British liberal capitalist state

Nicholas Witchell - six o'clock scabbing

The scab o'clock news...

Now Royal Correspondent, Nicholas Witchell crossed picket lines to read the six o'clock news during the 1989 BBC strike.

Shelagh Fogarty - breakfast scab

Fogarty scab

Starting strikebreaking early in the day, Radio 5 co-anchor Shelagh Fogarty scabbed on her colleagues during the 2005 BBC strike.

Robbie Fowler - fined for supporting Liverpool dockers

Robbie Fowler supporting Liverpool dockers

England and Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler was fined in 1997 for showing support for sacked dock workers during a European Cup Winners' Cup match.

1912: The Miners' Next Step

Miners in 1912

A document produced in 1912 by the South Wales Miners Federation, which was one of the high points of syndicalist organising in the UK.