1.5 million may strike over pensions

Workers in nine different unions are to be balloted for strike action over Whitehall plans to alter the local government pensions scheme.

Council workers may strike over Westminster-Dingwall move

Westminster Council workers threaten strike after being told they must move to the north of Scotland or face redundancy

Civil service jobs 'to go overseas'

Thousands of civil service jobs could be moved to call centres overseas in a bid to save the government £1 billion, a union is claiming.

Bristol pool occupied

A group of protesters have occupied the site of the former Bristol North swimming bath on Gloucester Road.

British nazi leader hospitalised

Eddy Morrison, leader of the fascist British People's Party was attacked and hospitalised today in Leeds as local people opposed to race hatred disrupted a meeting of the group.

Bees United - supporters take over

Bees United, the Brentford Supporters Trust, took over struggling Brentford Football Club in a buy-out on Friday.

Incapacity benefit cuts

New Labour cut back on benefits to the disabled.

Sex workers: GMB wins first ever unfair dismissal case

An employment tribunal has just found that GMB member Mrs Irene Everitt, who worked on live adult chat lines, was unfairly dismissed by her employer Datapro Services Limited.

Heathrow building workers set to strike again

A second strike by workers building Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport looks set to go ahead.

£5bn city academies among worst schools

Half of the government's city academy schools are among the "worst performing schools" in Britain.