Role of Black people in the South African War

A short article from South African History Online about the role of black soldiers and workers in the second Boer war.

19 June 1901: The South African concentration camps

Boer concentration camp

Emily Hobhouse reports from inside the internment centres where Boer women and children face squalor and starvation (1901).

POW camps in Ceylon during the Boer war

Diyatalawa camp, Ceylon

Over 5,000 Boers were interned in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) during the Boer War. The Ceylon camps were the second set of overseas POW camps after those in St. Helena had filled.

POW camps in Bermuda during the Boer War

Contemporary newspaper article detailing the POW camps set up by the British for Boer prisoners during the Anglo-Boer war.

Boer POW camps in India

Boer prisoners camp Bhimtal

Short article on the Boer prisoner of war camps set up in India during the Boer War.

POW camps at St. Helena during the Boer war

Deadwood Camp, St. Helena

During the Boer war, Boer women and children, and black African men, women and children were kept in two racially segregated networks of concentration camps in South Africa. Boer men of working age were sent to camps overseas, beginning with St. Helena.

Rent strike: St Pancras 1960

A crowd defends Kennistoun House, 1960

A detailed history and analysis of the militant St Pancras rent strike of 1960 against council rent increases written in 1972.

School Dinner Discipline: a little bit of solidarity can go a long way

A dinner lady came to Brighton SolFed when there was nowhere left to go. At the time, they faced a disciplinary hearing for gross misconduct in three days. They had not been paying union membership dues, so they were refused mainstream union representation.

Tenant vs lettings agency: "We need to come together to improve conditions for everybody"

In summer of 2016, Brighton SolFed was organising with a Leaders tenant who was being evicted from their flat. Following a series of pickets, that dispute ended after an offer of compensation to the tenant. Here, another Leaders tenant from a nearby town, who contacted Brighton SolFed during the summer dispute, tells her story about how she has been mistreated by Leaders, particularly about how they have neglected the property and tried to evict her and her partner by bullying them.