The British General Strike: 1926 - Tom Brown

An article by Tom Brown on the 1926 general strike, which originally appeared in War Commentary Nov-Dec 1942. Republished as a pamphlet by Freedom Press in 1943.

Arditi del Popolo - The First Anti-Fascists

The rise to power of Mussolini and the Fascists in Italy, from 1919 to 1922, provides us with important lessons, not just about Fascism but also about the tactics & organisation necessary to fight it. Equally the critical role of the wider working class struggle is thrown into sharp focus. We believe the lessons are clear enough that they emerge simply from relating the story...

Article from Fighting Talk #14 (1996).

Anarcho-syndicalism and the sexual reform movement in the Weimar Republic

A paper by Dieter Nelles on how anarcho-syndicalists in Weimar Germany campaigned for the legalisation of abortion, helped women get illegal abortions and educated women on birth control.

Short comments on Mike Davis’ “Old Gods and New Enigmas - Notes on Revolutionary Agency”

We decided to read and discuss Mike’s text because the question he is asking is a pertinent one: ‘who can become a social force of revolution?’ By looking at what constituted revolutionary agency during the peak-time of working class radicalism between 1870 and 1920, we can perhaps better assess our chances in the present.

Manifesto of the Socialist Party of Canada 1920

Manifesto of the Socialist Party of Canada 1920
Preface to 5th Ed

Anty-parlamentarna rezolucja Władysława Kowalskiego-Grzecha


Na II konferencji Komunistycznej Partii Robotniczej Polski w 1921 roku Władysław Kowalski-Grzech (główny przedstawiciel lewicy komunistycznej w Polsce) i anonimowy tow. C. przedstawili rezolucje przeciwko udziałowi partii komunistycznej w wyborach parlamentarnych. Opowiedzieli się za zastąpieniem burżuazyjnego parlamentaryzmu systemem Rad Delegatów Robotniczych. Ostatecznie jednak II Konferencja wypowiedziała się za udziałem w wyborach 18 głosami przeciw 11.

How to Strangle Anarchists

An account of the Amakasu Incident where Ito Noe, Ōsugi Sakae, and their six-year old nephew where murdered by police lieutenant Amakasu Masahiko, during the Great Kanto Earthquake.

1921: The Mitsubishi-Kawasaki Strike

A dissertation about the largest strike in pre WWII Japanese history by workers at the port of Kobe. The strike was an attempt by the workers to supplant the authority of management and secure their own autonomy. The text also covers the industrialisation of Japan and the early development of the Japanese labour movement.

Marksizm Pierwszej Międzynarodówki - Karl Korsch


Niemiecki marksista Karl Korsch o Pierwszej Międzynarodówce (Międzynarodowym Stowarzyszeniu Robotników). Tekst napisany w 1924 r.