1926 general strike

The General Strike in York, 1926

Leaflet produced by the University of York's Borthwick Institute detailing the 1926 General Strike and its how it played out in the City of York.

The 1926 general strike in Hackney

Armoured vehicles protect scab deliveries during the general strike

Barry Burke's account of the UK general strike of 1926 in the East London borough of Hackney.

When the strike was declared in May 1926, the Hackney Council of Action took over a local boxing hall, the Manor Hall in Kenmure Road [I think at number 16], as the headquarters and ran the strike from there. Throughout the duration of the strike the Council of Action was in continuous session organising the strike locally.

1926 General Strike photo gallery

Photos and documents from the British general strike of 1926. Taken from Woolf Online.

Diary of Virginia Woolf during the 1926 General Strike

Indifferent account of the 1926 General Strike by writer Virginia Woolf.

5th May

An exact diary of the Strike would be interesting. For instance, it is
now a 1/4 to 2: there is a brown fog; nobody is building; it is drizzling.
The first thing in the morning we stand at the window & watch the
traffic in Southampton Row. This is incessant. Everyone is bicycling;
motor cars are huddled up with extra people. There are no buses. No

Diary of Margaret Woods during the 1926 General Strike

Diary account from a schoolgirl during the 1926 General Strike which is largely critical but reproduced for reference.

Tuesday 4th May.

Labour law and order

Ernest Bevin

An article by Preston Clements for Freedom on the repeal of the Trades Dispute Act in 1946 and the reactionary nature of both the Labour Party and T.U.C.

Hollywood could not have better staged the repeal of the Trades Dispute Act than did the highly publicised politicians at Westminster.

Millwall not scabs shock

Prior to the two clubs meeting at The Den back in September 2011, Transpontine discussed the Millwall and West Ham rivalry and asked whether its origins in the 1926 General Strike is based on reality of fiction.

Millwall are playing at home to West Ham on Saturday in case you didn't know, and the police have promised a massive operation across South London to deal with it.

Nine days in May: the 1926 general strike in Southwark

Past Tense's edition of this account of the general strike in South London, containing both an overview of events and testimonies by those involved in the strike.


Charting the class struggle

I was looking into the historical data on strike days in Britain for a feature in Catalyst, but there's a lot more to discuss than we could fit in the paper, so I've extended it to a blog post.

This is the graph we printed in Catalyst. The green line represents thousands of strike days and is read from the left y-axis, black represents inequality as measured by the Gini coefficient, and is read off the right y-axis (100 = one person owns everything and 0 = perfect equality.

The British Worker - general strike newspaper, 1926

Online archive of The British Worker, the daily newspaper published by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) during the 10 day general strike of 1926.

The paper ran for 11 issues between 5 May and 17 May 1926.