Reclaim the streets for children - Practical History

Leaflet distributed before and during the Reclaim the Streets party in Brixton, South London in June 1998, looking at how streets and car culture effect the lives of children.

The streets used to be a place where children could run around, play and hang out with their friends. Today children are taught that the streets are dangerous and that they should keep off them.

War damages health...and the Health Service: health workers and the 1991 Gulf war - Practical History

Detailed account of the impact of the 1991 Gulf War on the health service in Britain, including anti-war leaflets produced by health workers and a brief account of the impact of the war on health in Iraq.

Clearly the main effects of the Gulf War were felt by people living in the Middle East war zone. Nevertheless our rulers can only successfully wage war abroad by attacking at home the people who are expected to pay for it (and have most to lose from it): the working class.

The defeat of the old workers movement and the failure of the revolutionary minorities - Antagonism

A look at the level of defeat in the proletariat of mid-90s Britain.

This article was written in Britain in the early 90's, in the wake of the Gulf War (which the proletariat in Britain was largely apathetic to and which the radical minorities were unable to oppose) and at which point workplace struggles had reached an all time low.

1989-1990: Opposition to the Poll Tax

A short account of the agitation against the introduction of the community charge in Britain. Widespread protests and a highly successful campaign of non-payment eventually forced the government to scrap the poll tax and played a large part in the eventual downfall of Margaret Thatcher.

In 1989 the Conservative government realised their long-held objective of introducing a flat-rate poll tax in Britain. The abolition of the rating system had appeared as part of the party's manifesto for the 1979 general election, and the proposal for the introduction of a poll tax was made explicit in their manifesto for the 1987 election.

Yugoslavia: Imperialist war against the world proletariat, 1990s - ICG

The ICG's analysis of the war in Yugoslavia, with information about the preceding wave of workers struggles in the region.

For us the analysis of the war in Yugoslavia is indispensable. This war is not only of the greatest importance for its direct consequences for the conditions of life and struggle of proletarians in the region - it is also important for the international proletariat, and because it announces and prefigures the military conflicts that are to come.

From Communism #9

- "Is that you, Mladic?"

Hot time: Summer on the estates - Riots in the UK 1991-2

Riot police in Newcastle, Meadowell Estate, 1991

A short article on the various riots in the UK during 1991-92, focusing on the North of England, Bristol and Luton.

The UK has for some time enjoyed a high level of class warfare - compared to, say, the US.

1991: The Kurdish uprising

Kurdish rebels, 1991

The following is an account of the uprising in Kurdistan in 1991, which buries the lies of the western media which presented this proletarian uprising as the work of nationalist parties in the north or Shi'ite religious fanatics in the south.





(Plus an account of the Workers Councils)

(Note: text is as in original pamphlet; a few pictures and accompanying captions have been removed)

1995: The French pensions strikes

Strikers in France

A short history of the massive strike movement against welfare reform in France in 1995.

During November and December of 1995 France was gripped by the largest strike movement the country had seen in recent years. After three weeks of strikes workers forced a government climbdown over the issue of changes to pensions of public sector workers.

1990: Worker insurgency in Osaka

You must help yourself: Neo-liberal geographies and worker insurgency in Osaka.


"I realize as the train pulls in that the station is on fire. The platform is aflame and below the streets are empty with people running past occasionally. Something is happening. I pick up some rocks and start throwing them at a police line."

-anonymous rioter at Kamagasaki

The couriers are revolting! The Despatch Industry Workers Union, 1989-1992

An excellent and inspiring pamphlet about London's Despatch Industry Workers Union (DIWU). A radical, self-organised and direct action-oriented grouping, it lasted three years, and here the author recounts its history and analyses its successes, failures and lessons for other workers.

Written by Des Patchrider, this pamphlet was printed and is available for sale from the Kate Sharpley Library. Our thanks go to the KSL and the author for permission to host this text online.