Herman Gorter

A life of struggle: Farewell to Herman Gorter - Anton Pannekoek

An obituary for left communist Herman Gorter by Anton Pannekoek in 1927.

In the person of Hermann Gorter, the revolutionary proletariat has just lost one of its most faithful friends and one of its most notable comrades in arms. He figured among the greatest experts in Marxist theory and was one of the very few who, through conflicts and splits, remained invariably devoted to revolutionary communism.

Gorter’s open letter: The details - Serge Bricianer

Serge Bricianer on German left communist Herman Gorter's Open Letter to Lenin.

Imperialism, the world war and social democracy - Herman Gorter

German left communist Herman Gorter on war, imperialism and the nationalist degeneration of the First International.

Author’s Note

Review: Herman Gorter's Imperialism, the world war and social democracy - Vladimir Sarabjanov

Translated review from Red Virgin Soil, 1921, n.3, p. 343-46 of 'Imperialism...', State Publishing House (Gosizdat). Moscow. 1920

"..., despite the tremendous change, taken place around the world, there remain a lot of stagnant layers, that have not yet started to move and their inertia, their resistance weakens the raging struggle.

Historical Materialism Explained To Workers - Herman Gorter

Pamphlet from 1908 attempting to clearly explain the Marxist concept of historical materialism to working people.

Preface by Karl Kautsky

This booklet by my friend Herman Gorter is being read by Dutch workers and will also be read by German-speaking workers as well, without the need for any other recommendation.

Gorter, Herman, 1864-1927 obituary - H. Canne Meijer

Obituary of Dutch Council communist and poet, Herman Gorter.

Herman Gorter
Obituary by H.Canne Meijer

The opportunism of the Communist Party of the Netherlands - Hermann Gorter

Hermann Gorter recounts his struggle against the Dutch Communist Party, following its abandonment of internationalist principles and adoption of reformist policies.

The communists are distinguished from the other working class parties by this only.... In the national struggles of the proletarians of the different countries, they point out and bring to the front the common interests of the entire proletariat, independently of all nationality....

The Origins of Nationalism in the Proletariat

An attempt by the Dutch communist in 1915 to explain how the working class of Europe ended up participating in the mass butchery of WWI.

[Note: This text is one section from Gorter’s Der Imperialismus, der Weltkrieg, und die Sozial-demokratie, translated by the author into German, Amsterdam, 1915. It was translated into English by D.A. Smart in 1977, for publication in Smart (ed.), Pannekoek and Gorter’s Marxism (Pluto, London).]

The Lessons of the “March Action”

Herman Gorter

The Lessons of the “March Action”-Gorter’s Last Letter to Lenin

Dear Comrade Lenin:

When we last parted in November of 1920, your last words on our quite divergent ideas concerning revolutionary tactics in Western Europe were to the effect that neither your opinions nor mine had been sufficiently tested: that experience would soon prove which of the two is correct.

We were in complete agreement on that.