Weiland, Alfred, 1906-1978

Alfred Weiland

A short biography of council communist, organiser of underground network, Alfred Weiland, kidnapped by the East German state in the post war period

Lenin’s Infantile Disorder. . .and the Third International - Franz Pfempfert

Franz Pfempfert comments on Lenin's infamous pamphlet, Left-Wing" Communism: An Infantile Disorder.

The lessons of the “March action” - Herman Gorter

Herman Gorter

The Lessons of the “March Action” - Gorter’s last letter to Lenin

Programme of the Communist Workers Party of Germany (KAPD), 1920

Plakat der KPD zur Reichstagswahl vom 6. Juni 1920.

May 1920 programme of the party, with appended background and information notes

Preliminaries on councils and councilist organization - René Riesel

René Riesel, left, with Daniel Cohn-Bendit.

A look at workers' councils and the historical contexts in which they were created. A useful analysis - which challenges some aspects of the standard anarchist analysis of the events in Spain during the 1936 Revolution.

Bernard Reichenbach:The KAPD in retrospect - An interview with a member of the Communist Workers Party of Germany

A former member of the anti-parliamentary, councilist KAPD describes his experiences of the German Revolution, his time spent in Moscow amongst the Bolsheviks and the difficulties faced in a revolutionary situation.

Anti-Bolshevist Communism in Germany - Paul Mattick

Rosa Luxemburg

The council-communist Paul Mattick looks back at the German revolution he participated in.

Hoelz, Max, 1889-1933

Max Hoelz

A short biography of German communist Max Hoelz, known as the Red Robin Hood for his daring acts expropriating from the rich to distribute to workers and the unemployed.

Appel, Jan, 1890-1985

A short autobiography of Jan Appel, aka Jan Arndt, a German libertarian communist and shipyard worker who most famously hijacked a steam ship to Russia after the German Revolution of 1918.

Meetings in the Kremlin in Moscow 1921 - interview with Bernhard Reichenbach

Lenin addresses the third congress of the Comintern, June 28, July 1 or 5 1921

An interview conducted in 1964 with former KAPD (Communist Workers Party of Germany) member Bernhard Reichenbach about the 1921 Communist International Congress in Moscow, after which the KAPD withdrew from the Comintern.