Adam Ford

Climate Camp and class - Adam Ford

Adam Ford looks at the third Camp for Climate Action and the need for a class analysis. Originally published in September 2008.

California cops clamp down on Disneyland dissent

Broad sections of the Anaheim working class are seething with anger at cops

An update from Adam Ford on the dissent - and repression - following the fatal shooting of 25 year-old Manuel Diaz by police, in Anaheim, California.

Serwotka sellout sets seal on Olympic exploitation

Adam Ford on the PCS' aborted strike action, and the unions' Olympic failures.

Huge protests force Chinese government retreat over pollution

Adam Ford discusses the mass protests which forced a defeat on the Chinese state.

A response to Adam Ford’s “Why we need collective action, not ‘Collective Action’”

Collective Action responds to Adam Ford's (a member of the Commune) criticism of the May Day statement outlining our objections to his proposals for organisational unity and putting forward our own, alternative vision of "libertarian cohesion", regroupment and escalation.

French and Greek voters seek a way out of austerity - Adam Ford

Adam Ford discusses the recent elections in Europe.

Wukan peasant victory sets stage for Chinese turmoil

Adam Ford reports on the Wukan rebellion and asks what it means for the future of social struggles in China

15th October 2011: Birth of a global anti-capitalist movement?

Adam Ford argues that the #Occupy movement represents a historic moment in the fight against austerity.

Verizon strike highlights need for new workers' movement

45,000 workers at US communications giant Verizon have been on strike for nearly two weeks. Adam Ford, of Infantile Disorder, examines the lengths the company and the state have gone to to undermine the strike.

From Arab spring to Israeli summer

Young people are demanding affordable housing

Adam Ford writes on the wave of protest sweeping across Israel, where hundreds of thousands of people are standing up to high rents and low wages.