Albert Meltzer

Cienfuegos Press anarchist review

Partial online archive of Cienfuegos Press anarchist review, a journal published in the late 1970s to early 1980s by anarcho-syndicalists Stuart Christie and Albert Meltzer. Cienfuegos Press was later succeeded by Refract Publications.

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The labour movement in Spain : Albert Meltzer on Spanish anarcho-syndicalism

KSL: Albert Meltzer was a long-standing supporter of the anarchist movement in Spain. One of our friends suggested we make this article available as one of the best things he wrote. It’s also representative of many of the things he cared about: anarchism, history, emancipation and class struggle.

On the whole there has been little or no study of the Spanish labour movement. The success of the insurrection against Tsarism so captivated the imagination of the world that attention, from the point of view of revolutionary socialism, has thereafter been riveted on Russia and what concerns its interests.

Review: The Albert memorial: the anarchist life and times of Albert Meltzer (1920-1996) an appreciation - Phil Ruff

A review of Philip Ruff's book The Albert Memorial: The Anarchist Life and Times of Albert Meltzer (1920-1996). Albert was described as"Printworker, writer, troublemaker, but above all a tireless anarchist activist, Albert Meltzer is one of the most important figures in twentieth century anarchism. Scourge of Liberals and tyrants, he never stood aside from the struggle for a better world" by the Kate Sharpley Library.

I wasn’t aware of this book, initially published in 1997, until its author, Philip Ruff, tweeted a link to the newly published e-book format. I saw it almost by accident whilst scanning through the countless irrelevant tweets that had arrived within the previous two minutes. Two bits of text jumped out at me, the first was ‘Albert Meltzer’, and the second was the price-tag of £1.08.

Albert Meltzer and the fight for working class history

An article on British anarcho-syndicalist Albert Meltzer's attitude to anarchist history.

Albert Meltzer was a central figure in the development of the Kate Sharpley Library, both practically (laying out and distributing the bulletin and pamphlets) and also philosophically. His concern at seeing the history of anarchism rewritten to suit other people’s agendas was part of the motivation for the founding of the Library.

The poverty of statism: Anarchism vs Marxism

Anarchist Luigi Fabbri debates Bolshevik Nikolai Bukharin on the relative merits of anarchism and Marxism. With an introduction by Albert Meltzer.

Newcastle Fights The Fascists

Account of the 1934 routing of fascists in Newcastle, England.

Fascism by 1934 was marching triumphantly. In Italy, Mussolini had long consolidated his power and was preparing to attack Abyssinia. Hitler, after one year of power, was tightening his hold on Germany and preparing the first of the many international adventures which were to lead to the pyre at his Berlin bunker.

I couldn't paint golden angels: Sixty years of commonplace life and anarchist agitation - Albert Meltzer

Autobiography of UK anarchist and print worker Albert Meltzer.

Albert Meltzer (1920–1996) was involved actively in class struggles since the age of 15; exceptional for his generation in having been a convinced anarchist from the start, without any family background in such activity.

The floodgates of anarchy - Stuart Christie and Albert Meltzer

This polemic approaches the subject of anarchism in relation to class struggle. It presents an argument against class-based society and hierarchy and advocates for a free and equal society based on individual dignity and merit.

Drawing from the authors’ experiences as activists and documenting the activities of other 20th-century anarchists—including clandestine activities and social change by any means—this fundamental text asserts that government is the true enemy of the people and that only through the dissolution of government can the people put an end to exploitation and war, leading to a fully free society.

Anarchism: Arguments for and Against - Albert Meltzer

Book Cover

This tract by celebrated British anarchist Albert Meltzer attempts to answer some of the most common objections to anarchism, but also to offer a critical view of the anarchist movement itself.

The Truth about the Bonnot Gang - Ezra Brett Mell

The Bonnot Gang

A short account of the Paris-based anarchist robbers - and inventors of the getaway car - who operated in 1911-12 and the political debate that went on as to the worth of 'illegalist' activity.

A fuller account was given in the book 'The Bonnot Gang' by Richard Parry; published by Rebel Press, London, 1987.

This pamphlet was published by Coptic Press and then reprinted by Solidarity Bookshop Publications, Chicago, 1969.