20,000 Birmingham council workers to strike

20,000 GMB, UNISON, AMICUS, TGWU (Unite) and UCATT members will strike alongside teachers and lecturers against council plans to use ‘Single Status’ negotiations to cut pay and jobs.

Council workers will be protesting against the new pay and grading system imposed by Birmingham council last week, affecting 40,000 staff.

UNISON has branded the structure discriminatory. Though it was designed to end wage inequalities, some workers will lose up to half their pay.

Rolls Royce to close Merseyside plant

Rolls Royce workers in strike, Derby 2005

Workers at the Rolls Royce plant in Netherton today claimed the company had given them notice to close the factory with the loss of 220 jobs.

Rolls Royce announced a review of the site in August and an internal memo confirmed that they have suggested switching production from Netherton to a US plant in Mount Vernon, Ohio. They claim fluctuating work volumes, high costs and the US dollar’s poor exchange rate have put the Sefton site in jeopardy.

Airbus wildcat strike wave reaches UK

Broughton Airbus plant

The unofficial walkouts at Airbus which swept Europe following the announcement of job cuts hit Wales on Friday.

Hundreds of staff at the Airbus UK factory in north Wales (pictured) downed tools on Friday 23 March, while their union Amicus attempted to get strikers back to work.

The BBC reported:
It is thought many of the 7,000 workers in Broughton, Flintshire, which makes wings for Airbus' flagship A380 passenger jet, are involved.

Five-day-strike: Report from Manchester Fujitsu strike meeting

Report from January 17th Fujitsu strike meeting in Manchester.

A packed meeting of Amicus members this afternoon decided:

1. To elect Dean Burn as a new Rep.

2. That we should continue to be available for dispute talks at any time, but that unlike in November, we should not suspend the action unless there was tangible evidence of good prospects of success, to avoid further time-wasting.

Update on Manchester Fujitsu strike

A report from the Amicus union on the recent strike of Fujitsu workers in Manchester, dated December 1st.

Dispute Update
Amicus Reps Ian Allinson, Lynne Hodge and Sulayman Munir attended the talks with ACAS yesterday, where the company was represented by Richard Bull, Larry Upton and Howard Morgan.

UK building workers to prepare for 2012 Olympics

Olympic construction underway

The Olympics will bring much new construction work to London, and some union activists look to the opportunity for a greater say both in the unions they are members of and in the industry itself.

Building workers met in London on Monday evening 27th Nov to discuss possibilities for union organising during the preparations for the 2012 Olympics.

Members of all four unions associated within the construction industry were present at the meeting called by the newly-formed Building Workers Rank and File Committee.

Manchester Fujitsu workers on strike

Workers at a Fujitsu site in Manchester were on strike Monday, and have a further two-day strike planned to begin on Wednesday.

The action, organised by the Amicus union, is in response to several grievances - including unpaid overtime, pay rise delays and erosion of redunancy rights. The Fujitsu site at Central Park provides call centre and IT services to the public sector, workers at another site at West Gorton also participated in the action.

Hunterston nuclear power stations strike update

2nd day of our 7th week in dispute with BK.

Wednesday’s action continued in a positive manner, at least in our eyes. Harrassment from British Energy on its own employees continued. Why they put up with it we are not entirely sure. We witnessed people noting fellow employees registration numbers, no doubt to gain favour with their own management. What kind of people do this?

Hunterston nuclear power stations strike update

Strikers on the Hunterston picket

A report from the picket line on the first day of our seventh week in our dispute with BK.

Last week the SJIB had a board meeting and our dispute was top of the agenda, unfortunately there was no resolution proposed by the board. It seems the SJIB were more concerned that AMICUS had actually allowed us to go on strike even although we are legally entitled to do so. They did suggest that AMICUS should meet with Balfour Kilpatrick in an effort to resolve our dispute.

Sixth week, second day update from Hunterston electricians strike

Second day of our sixth week in our dispute with BK.

Our dispute continued today and we were shown a great deal of support from fellow Hunterston employees. Those employees had to endure long waits at the picket and still had the courtesy to stop and listen. We cannot stress enough how much we appreciate their support and understanding of our plight.