For a new fanaticism: Analysis will never be enough

Lou Rinaldi reviews and gives criticism to parecon writer Robin Hahnel's essay in The Accumulation of Freedom: Writings on Anarchist Economics.

The Specific Organisation

An English translation of the text produced by Jaime Cubero in São Paulo, Brazil. It deals with the concept of individual and collective responsibility within the specific anarchist organisation

Charter of Principles of the Anarchist Federation of Rio de Janeiro (FARJ)

Charter of principles from FARJ, an especifismo organization in Brazil.

Abolish Money!

A work by the father of Japanese anarchism, Shūsui Kōtoku.

Bounty hunters & child predators: inside the FBI entrapment strategy

An article by Crimthinc on recent FBI 'terrorism' cases centering on anarchists and the Occupy movement.

Review: Misfit, a revolutionary life - Captain Jack White

A review

A review of the Captain Jack White book, Misfit (Dublin, Livewire Publications, 2005) by his son Derrick White. The review has never before been published.

Stirner: the ego and his own - Max Baginski

Article originally published in Mother Earth magazine in May 1907, drawing anarchist communist conclusions from Max Stirner's classic individualist text, The ego and its own.

Anarchists on huge anti-government rally in Moscow

Over 100,000 protesters gathered in Moscow to demonstrate against Vladimir Putin. There was violent clashed between protesters and police resulting in over 400 arrests.

Liverpool anarchist’s day of action against workfare 5th May 2012

A brief report on a day of action against workfare in Liverpool.