ABC of anarchism - Alexander Berkman

First published in 1929, this book by Alexander Berkman answers some of the charges made against it and presents the case for communist anarchism. Thorough and well stated, it is today regarded as a classic statement of the cause's goals and methods.

A Vision of Anarchy

Published in the Firebrand in 1895.

Enduring anarchy

An article on anarchism in Barcelona, mostly focusing on the CNT.

Free women of Spain - Martha A. Ackelsberg

Martha A. Ackelsberg's book on the free women of Spain, the Mujeres Libres.

The history of the federalist IWMA - Vadim Damier

Article by Russian anarcho-syndicalist Vadim Damier on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the Federalist International Workingmen's Association (IWMA).

Book review: A New World In Our Hearts: Love & Rage

A review of a short book containing a collection of writings from the Love & Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation.

General strike May 1st: Why?

Why do we need a general strike?

On the trade unions and “boring from within”

Phil Dickens critiques the 'boring from within' union strategy advocated by various left groups.

Joseph Dietzgen - a sketch of his life by Eugene Dietzgen

Joseph Dietzgen

Eugene Dietzgen surveys his father's life. An artisan tanner who educated himself in philosophy and Marxism, befriending Marx & Engels (gaining a complementary mention in Capital), Joseph later came to the aid of the Chicago anarchists in the aftermath of the 1886 Haymarket bombing.
He published several works on his dialectical materialist philosophy and was later criticised by Lenin in his 'Materialism and Empirio-Criticism'.

The surgeons of Occupy

Author Peter Gelderloos responds to Chris Hedges' anti-black bloc article.