A Baptism of Fire

Anarchists, riots, and a situation much like the one experienced here in Buenos Aires. I was quite young back then, in 2001, to take to the streets. This time, however, I was ready. Against all odds, I was going —to show support, to show solidarity, to be with the people, to talk with them. And, most importantly, to see it all first-hand.

Manifesto of the Federación Anarquista Revolucionaria de Venezuela

Manifesto of the newly formed Federación Anarquista Revolucionaria de Venezuela (FARV), an anarchist political organization based in Venezuela.

From occupation to expropriation! Build on the Anarchist and Revolutionary Potentialities of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Joint statement on the #Occupy movement by the First of May Anarchist Alliance and The Utopian: A Journal of Anarchist and Libertarian Socialism.

Another March Against Police Brutality in Atlanta 10.19

Follow-up march against the police murder of 19 year old Joetavius Stafford in Atlanta, GA. Roughly 50 people march through the streets to the scene of the murder despite inhospitable weather.

Baby, We’re All Anarchists Now - Malcolm Harris

Malcolm Harris writes about some of the emerging conflicts between anti-authoritarians and self-appointed leaders of the #Occupy Movement.

No Future: the sinking of a country into oblivion

Wake up, rise up

Many of you might evoke riots and clashes with the police if one were to utter the word Argentina, as well as recuperated factories ran by workers, popular assemblies, demonstrations, and alternatives against the banking system and politicians.

Beyond Power/Knowledge: An Exploration of power, ignorance and stupidity

David Graeber discusses the history of social theory and its contemporary relevancy.

David Graeber Interview with ReadySteadyBook

David Graeber

Radical academic David Graeber speaks to ReadySteadyBook about his ideas on Marxism, his expulsion from Yale University and anarchist anthropology.

Fragments of an anarchist anthropology - David Graeber

Professor of anthropology David Graeber provides an overview of the possibilities for an anarchist approach to anthropological research.

The Twilight of Vanguardism

David Graber looks at how intellectual vanguardist attitudes have continued into an age when revolutionary vanguardism is meant to be a thing of the past.