The anarchist sociology of federalism

Ward fleshes out the history and relevance of federalism as such, "The actual evolution of the political left in the twentieth century has dismissed their legacy as irrelevant. So much the worse for the left, since the road has been emptied in favour of the political right, which has been able to set out its own agenda for both federalism and regionalism. Let us listen, just for a few minutes, to these anarchist precursors."

Anarchism as a theory of organisation

Colin Ward fleshes out his mutualist vision of how anarchist organisation should function, which owes a big debt to the ideas of Kropotkin.

Some thoughts on the post-revolutionary property system

In one of Malatesta's most important articles he lays out the debate on the forms of the 'post-revolutionary property system', discussing the various anarchist approaches to the questions of ownership, use of the means of production, exchange, and distribution.

What is Anarchism? An Introduction

What anarchists believe; what anarchists do; how anarchists differ. An introduction by Donald Rooum, along with some classic texts from the likes of Malatesta, Kropotkin, Rocker, Ward, Berkman, Bakunin et al. A useful primer.

Anarchism: a documentary history of libertarian ideas (volume 1 & 2)

A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas, is a comprehensive and far-ranging collection of anarchist writings from the feudal era (300) to 1939. Edited and introduced by noted anarchist scholar Robert Graham, this incomparable volume includes the definitive texts from the anarchist tradition of political thought. It deals both with the positive ideas and proposals the anarchists tried to put into practice, and with the anarchist critiques of the authoritarian theories and practices confronting them.

The anarchists in London 1935-1955 - Albert Meltzer

Albert Meltzer's personal account and reminiscences of the anarchist movement and its personalities in London between 1935 and 1955

Havana hub: Cuban anarchism, radical media and the Trans-Caribbean anarchist network, 1902-1915

An essay on Caribbean anarchists and their newspaper ¡Tierra! .

"Workers of the world, embrace!" Daniel Guerin, the labour movement and homosexuality

David Berry's biographical account of Guerin's discovery of the working class and of the links between this and his homosexuality; and a discussion of his attempts to generalise from these experiences and to theorise the question in order to inform his political choices.

A grave error: the Mexican syndicalists

A short account of the syndicalist union Casa del Obrero Mundial and its failure to relate to the anarchistic movements of Zapata and Villa.

The enemy of my enemy - notes on not having really shit politics

For what seems like forever, the Julian Assange saga has been everywhere. On TV, in the papers, on Facebook and Twitter, it's been impossible to avoid it and all the horrific misogyny and rape apologism that comes with it. Underlying all of which is a cliché - at that a fallacious one - which defines pretty much all of the worst in leftist politics: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.