Towards an assessment of Colin Ward's anarchism

An initial summary on the political ideas of Colin Ward.

Anarchist revolution: Polemical articles 1924-1931 - Errico Malatesta

A compendium of texts by Italian anarchist communist Errico Malatesta to complement 'His Life And Ideas, ' much of it previously unpublished. As fresh today as when the polemics were written.

Anarchy: a journal of anarchist ideas

Cover of Anarchy 4

A partial archive of scanned issues of Anarchy magazine, edited by Colin Ward and published monthly by Freedom Press from March 1961-December 1970. It is particularly known for its stunning covers by anarchist graphic designer Rufus Seger.

Fighting for ourselves: Anarcho-syndicalism and the class struggle - Solidarity Federation

Fighting for ourselves: Anarcho-syndicalism and the class struggle - Solidarity

This excellent book by Solfed aims to recover some of the lost history of the workers' movement, in order to set out a revolutionary strategy for the present conditions. In clear and accessible prose, the book sets out the anarcho-syndicalist criticisms of political parties and trade unions, engages with other radical traditions such as anarchism, syndicalism and dissident Marxisms, explains what anarcho-syndicalism was in the twentieth century, and how it's relevant - indeed, vital - for workers today.

Climate Camp and Us - Anarchist Federation

A perspective paper produced by members of the Anarchist Federation within climate camp 2009. Originally published in September 2009.

The G8 summit in Japan

Originally published in May 2008.

Nationwide organization of revolutionary anarchists in the United States?

A new article by a member of Rochester Red & Black and Common Struggle making the case for a unitary class struggle anarchist organization in lead up to a conference in February 2013 focused on the potential formation of exactly such a grouping.

Acharya, M.P.T (1887-1951)

A short biography of Indian anarchist MPT Acharya.

What exactly is this anarchism thing anyway?

An introduction to anarchism by New Zealand anarchist group Wildcat, with which we do not necessarily agree but reproduce here for reference.

Anarchism in the ex Yugoslavia - Trivio Indic

Short pamphlet on the origins of the anarchism movement in the former Yugoslavia. Taken from The Bastard Archive.