Fernand Pelloutier and syndicalism - Max Nettlau

A short intellectual biography of one of the founders of French revolutionary syndicalism, Fernand Pelloutier, written in 1932 by the “Herodotus of anarchism”, Max Nettlau, featuring extensive quotations from Pelloutier’s dialogue, What Is the General Strike? (Qu’est-ce que la Grève générale?) (written in collaboration with Henri Girard in 1894) and The Corporative Organization and Anarchy (L'Organisation corporative et l'Anarchie) (1896).

Fernand Pelloutier: A biographical sketch - Victor Dave

A brief biographical sketch of the life of Fernand Pelloutier by his contemporary, the Belgian anarchist Victor Dave, featuring the text of Pelloutier’s Les deux tâches du syndicalisme. Appel de la Fédération nationale des Bourses du travail pour le 1er mai 1896 (The Two Tasks of Syndicalism. Manifesto of the National Federation of the Bourses du Travail for the First of May 1896) as well as an excerpt from L’Organisation corporative et L’anarchie.

Noam Chomsky on anarchism - interview by Barry Pateman

Video of an interview by Barry Pateman with Noam Chomsky about anarchism.

Translator's introduction to the 1948 Chilean edition of Anton Pannekoek's Lenin as Philosopher - Lain Diez

A brief introduction to Pannekoek’s book on Lenin that defines the council communist tendency of Marxism as the long awaited bridge between Marxism and anarchism that promises to heal the rift of the Bakunin-Marx split in the First International. Written in the form of short “theses”, the text begins with a critical assessment of Trotsky’s opposition to Stalinism, supports Luxemburg’s and Mattick’s anti-Leninist critiques with regard to spontaneity and ends by agreeing with Karl Korsch’s negative identification of Leninism with social democracy as both being opposed to emancipatory socialism.

The ego and its own - Max Stirner

Max Stirner

Although his 'individualist anarchism' has been largely repudiated today, Max Stirner was an important Young Hegelian thinker and contemporary of Marx. His major work, The Ego and its Own, has been a significant point of reference in the anarchist tradition.

The relevance of anarcho-syndicalism: Noam Chomsky interviewed by Peter Jay

Noam Chomsky in his younger days.

A 1976 interview with Noam Chomsky in which he discusses anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism and council communism as well as the possibility of a free society.

'Logic and Economics of the Class Struggle' by Guy Aldred

Pamphlet by Guy Aldred, published by his Bakunin Press. Second Edition, 1908.

25 years of the Anarchist Federation

Anarchist Federation logo

Published in the Anarchist Federation's twice-yearly magazine Organise! issue 77, Winter 2011, as part of the 25th anniversary issue, this article reflects on the last 5-6 years of the AF's development. It refers to involvement in events and social movements of the same period and the organisational changes resulting from the growth of the AF and development of relationships with other organisations (and non-organisations).

Social democratic anarchists and communist anarchists and the Occupy Movement

Somewhat confused, yet interesting, article on divisions within the #Occupy movement.

A Baptism of Fire

Anarchists, riots, and a situation much like the one experienced here in Buenos Aires. I was quite young back then, in 2001, to take to the streets. This time, however, I was ready. Against all odds, I was going —to show support, to show solidarity, to be with the people, to talk with them. And, most importantly, to see it all first-hand.