The state: Its historic role - Peter Kropotkin

Famous Russian anarchist Prince Peter Kropotkin's classic work on the state and its function in society.

From Articles for El Progress

The following are letters taken from a series of articles Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin wrote in the spring of 1869 for the journal El Progress of Geneva

God and the state - Mikhail Bakunin

Bakunin's classic and highly influential atheist text setting out the anarchist critique of religion as bound up in legitimising the state.

Letters from "Correspondance de Michel Bakounine"

Letters from Bakunin to Herzen and Ogareff, from Correspondance de Michel Bakounine, published and prefaced by Michel Dragmanov, 1896, Paris, France.

Power corrupts the best - Mikhail Bakunin

1867 text by Mikhail Bakunin examining how a theoretically ideal state would still become corrupted.