Living in an election year: A cartoon manifesto

A comic made in the run-up to the 2004 US election, where the two candidates - Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Al Gore - stood for pretty much exactly the same policies. Instead of voting, the comic calls on workers to organise together and fight for our own interests.

African anarchist arrested by Swazi regime

Several weeks ago "MK", a member of the Soutern African Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Federation's underground structures in Swaziland was arrested.

Critical Comments in the NEFAC Workplace Position Paper

1939-1945: Anarchist activity in France during World War II

Patchy historical information about the activity of some anarchists - revolutionary and pacifist - in France during World War II and under occupation.</

A day mournful and overcast... An account of the Iron Column

A personal account of a liberated prisoner's experience as a fighter during the Spanish Civil War and Revolution of 1936-9 in the anarchist militia unit called the Iron Column prior to its incorporation into the Communist-run Republican army.

Miscellaneous articles by Lucy Parsons