Anarchist Federation

Review of Decolonizing Anarchism

A review of the book Decolonizing Anarchism

Grandjouan- creator of the first illustrated political poster

A short article on Jules Felix Grandjouan, anarchist illustrator

Theo Van Rysselberghe

A short article on the anarchist painter Theo Van Rysselberghe

Anarchism in Latin America

A short article on anarchism in Latin America

Frans Masereel

A short article on the libertarian artist and illustrator Frans Masereel

Henri Edmond Cross: Painter of Utopia

A short article on the anarchist painter Henri-Edmond Cross

The Anarchist Woodcuts of Alexandre Mairet (1880-1947)

A short account of the work of Jean Mairet, radical artist

Free education and the Liberal Democrats: a student's perspective - Anarchist Federation

A student member of the Anarchist Federation's account of the Lib Dems' promise on university tuition fees and the lessons learned.

Labour and the unions - Anarchist Federation

Ed Miliband addresses the Trades Union Congress

The infatuation of the trade unions with the Labour party should be nothing other than mystifying for ordinary workers. Whether it is ‘Unions Together’ or TUC voter registration drives, trade union members amongst us should feel deeply insulted at being asked to prop-up the Labour party as the best available solution, argues the Anarchist Federation.

The end of a grassroots movement in Greece - Anarchist Federation

Syriza leader during victory celebrations

Many leftists have been overjoyed that an anti-austerity party won the general election in Greece. For the left, including those in the UK, Syriza’s victory is seen as a turning point in Europe against economic policies based on harsh cuts. But is it?