Anarchist Federation

Clapton Ultras

Dot Cotton

The Clapton Ultras have carved out something of a spectacle in East London at the Old Spotted Dog football ground, whilst managing to espouse progressive class politics and having fun at the same time.

Black Flag 235 (2012)

With workfare in the news at the time, this issue focused on the CWU union's enthusiastic support for its use in Royal Mail, alongside articles on the economy, Scottish Independence and the potential consequences of the collapse of the BNP.

For the centre spread, Tom L offered a a slightly different tack on the union question, looking at it from the ruling class point of view, while in history Jack Ray and Iain McKay looked at the 1934 Asturian miners' strike and the Pentonville Five campaign respectively.

Review of Decolonizing Anarchism

A review of the book Decolonizing Anarchism

Grandjouan- creator of the first illustrated political poster

A short article on Jules Felix Grandjouan, anarchist illustrator

Theo Van Rysselberghe

A short article on the anarchist painter Theo Van Rysselberghe

Anarchism in Latin America

A short article on anarchism in Latin America

Frans Masereel

A short article on the libertarian artist and illustrator Frans Masereel

Henri Edmond Cross: Painter of Utopia

A short article on the anarchist painter Henri-Edmond Cross

The Anarchist Woodcuts of Alexandre Mairet (1880-1947)

A short account of the work of Jean Mairet, radical artist

Free education and the Liberal Democrats: a student's perspective - Anarchist Federation

A student member of the Anarchist Federation's account of the Lib Dems' promise on university tuition fees and the lessons learned.