Anarchist Federation

China: crisis, class struggle, and the 'harmonious society'

The global economic crisis had a severe effect on China. However, there has been much talk recently about its impressive recovery and the return of its economy to growth. This article analyses the situation in China, and argues that the economic crisis catalysed a wave of struggle which has continued into the present, regardless of the supposed health of the economy.

The Schlurfs - youth against Nazism

A short account of the Schlurfs, working class Austrian youth who rejected the values of Nazism

Against nationalism - Anarchist Federation

Published in September 2009, an analysis of nationalism, where it comes from, and why anarchists fundamentally oppose it.

The Anarchist Federation on the Climate Camp

An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the 2009 Climate Camp, which took place in South London.

On the US row over private versus "socialised" healthcare

Killed by communism: Hawking

The Anarchist Federation analyses the ongoing debate in the United States over controversial plans for health care reform.

The ambulance dispute - Anarchist Communist Federation

Leaflet produced in response to a 1989 dispute amongst National Health Service ambulance workers, who were trying to prevent a restructuring of the ambulance service.

The underground is going down the tube - Anarchist Communist Federation

Leaflet distributed to commuters during a 1989 strike of tube drivers.

Resistance issue 113 - June 2009

June issue of the anarchist federation's free paper

On the frontline: anarchists at work

Workplace Strategy of the Anarchist Federation

The following text is the official workplace strategy of the Anarchist Federation, adopted nationally in April 2009. Drawing on the experiences of AF members at the workplace, it aims to lay out the possibilities for anarchists in the here and now and open debate in the movement on workplace organisation.

Tea Break 3 - oil refinery strikes, February 2009

A PDF of the February 2009 issue of the irregular workers' bulletin Tea Break, written and designed by users of, for general distribution. The freesheet focuses on wildcat strikes at refineries across the country, addressing issues raised by the conflict.