Anarchist Federation

A shadow of glorious (though strange) good things to come: The Ranters and libertarian communism in the English civil war

An image commemorating the Diggers

An examination of the Ranters, one of the most radical groups to emerge during the English Civil War. Taken from issue 74 of Organise!, the Anarchist Federation's magazine.

Is it ever OK not to vote?

Slightly before the election of 2010 the Anarchist Federation in Scotland were asked to contribute an opinion piece on voting to the Sunday Herald. Here is the article complete with the opposing view from Willie Sullivan of Vote For a Change.

The earth is not flat: a review of 'Against Nationalism'

David Broder of The Commune critiques the Anarchist Federation pamphlet Against Nationalism. We do not agree with the critique but reproduce it as part of a constructive debate.

Why bother voting?

An overview of the coming election from the Anarchist Federation.

We can't go on like this, they can't change anything

A short piece on why none of the parties are able to offer real change.

The practical option

A look at the alternatives to electoral politics

General election 2010: Anti-manifesto

A brief overview of what the various parties offer in the run-up to this election.

Introduction to anarchist communism - Anarchist Federation

The Anarchist Federation's overview of anarchist communist politics, arguing what is basically wrong with the world we live in, how we can fight to improve it, and what kind of world is worth struggling for.

Resistance issue 121, April 2010

Hot off the presses! The latest issue of the Anarchist Federation's free monthly paper. Full text and reading PDF.

Manchester Class Struggle Forum #2 - Class struggle and trade unions

The second Manchester Class Struggle Forum will host a discussion on trade unions, trade unionism and class struggle.