Anarchist Federation

Cheitanov, Gueorgui, 1896-1925

Gueorgui Cheitanov

A short biography of Bulgarian anarchist and anti-dictatorship guerrilla, Gueorgui Cheitanov.

Born at Yambol in Bulgaria in 1896, Gueorgui Cheitanov was to prove to be one of the most outstanding figures (and there were many) of Bulgarian anarchism, and of its specific organisation, the Anarchist Communist Federation.

Guevara, Ernesto "Che", 1928-1967

Ernesto 'Che' Guevara.

A critical look at the life of Latin American revolutionary, Ernesto "Che" Guevara.

After his remains were dug up in Boliva and reburied in Cuba a few years ago, public interest in Che was rekindled. The heroic cult that has developed around him took on new life, as hitherto unknown photos of his Bolivian campaign and two new biographies were published.

Lubbe, Marinus van der 1911-1934

Marinus van der Lubbe

A short biography of Marinus van der Lubbe, the Dutch council communist who set the Reichstag fire.

Marinus van der Lubbe Born 13 January 1911 - Leyden, Netherlands, died 10 January 1934 – Leipzig prison, Germany

1997: The Albanian insurrection

Demonstrators in 1997

A little-known uprising in Albania, triggered by International Monetary Fund measures after which the state lost complete control.

The uprising that took Albania to the brink of revolution in 1997 was not supposed to happen – the Albanians, we were told, had shaken off their Stalinist masters and were now enjoying their new found capitalist freedom.

1977: The Bologna uprising

Students and workers fight together on the streets of Bologna

A very brief outline of the seizure of Bologna by workers and students in 1977, and the run-up to it following the shooting of a demonstrator.


Italy 1977 saw a spontaneous and creative outbreaks of rebellion demonstrating that the potential for revolution still exists in the working class of the industrialised west - no matter what the lefty cynics say.

Mohamed, Sail, 1894-1953

Sail Mohamed, seated front row, centre.

A biography of Algerian anarchist, Spanish Civil War fighter and mechanic Sail Mohamed Ameriane ben Amerzaine.

Sail Mohamed
Full name Sail Mohamed Ameriane ben Amerzaine, born 14 October 1894 - Kabylie, Algeria, died April 1953

Sail Mohamed Ameriane ben Amerzaine (pictured above sitting front row centre) was born on 14 October 1894 at Tarbeit-Beni-Ouglis in the Berber region of Kabylie, Algeria.

Ortega, Margarita, ?-1914

Contemporary cartoon depicting PLM members, Diaz and others

A short biography of Mexican anarchist school teacher and sharpshooter Margarita Ortega, who was executed in 1914.

Margarita Ortega
Born date and location unknown, died 1914 - Mexicali, Mexico

Peron, Eva "Evita", 1919-1952

Eva Peron

A critical look at the life and political actions of Eva "Evita" Peron, widely regarded as a hero of the poor and downtrodden.

Turned into a Latin American saint, worshipped by thousands of Argentinians, the subject of an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical and more recently a film starring Madonna, "Evita" has been the subject of much attention over the years.

Pissarro, Camille, 1830-1903

Haymakers Resting, 1891 (210 Kb); Oil on canvas, 65.4 x 81.3 cm (25 3/4 x 32 in); McNay Art Institute, San Antonio, TX

A short biography of French Impressionist artist and anarchist Camille Pisarro.

Camille Pisarro
Born 10 July 1830 – St. Thomas, Caribbean, died 13 November 1903 - Paris, France

At the end of the nineteenth century, anarchist ideas had a notable influence not just among workers but also in literary and artistic circles in France.

1935-1980s: The reign of Haile Selassie in Ethiopia

A critical look at the rule of Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, regarded by many as progressive, and by some as God incarnate!

Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia (full title "His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, King of Kings and Elect of God") has almost universally been remembered as a kindly benefactor, yet the evidence suggesting otherwise is overwhelming.