Anarchist Federation

In Defence of Malatesta

Errico Malatesta.

A defence of Malatesta's record on the unions and his attitude towards workers' organisations

“Let there be as much class struggle as one wishes, if by class struggle one means the struggle of the exploited against the exploiters for the abolition of exploitation. That struggle is a way of moral and material elevation, and it is the main revolutionary force that can be relied on.” Malatesta

The Mexican revolution - Anarchist Federation

A look at the 1910 Mexican revolution and the anarchist influences within it.

Mexico in 1910 was a land where an emerging working class was adopting radical forms of organisation and struggle, where the indigenous peoples were still continuing their resistance against three hundred years of rule initiated by Spain, and where the bourgeoisie itself was attempting to develop and consolidate its power against the establishment institutions of the old regimes and the Catholic

Ecology and class: where there's brass, there's muck - Anarchist Federation

Pamphlet looking at the ecological crisis facing us today, what is being done about it and setting out in detail a libertarian communist view on what an ecologically sustainable world would be like.

The idea of the commune in anarchist practice

An in-depth article emphasising the importance of the idea of the Commune in revolutionary anarchist thought

The basic social and economic cell of the anarchist society is the free, independent commune.

- A. Grachev, quoted by Paul Avrich, The Anarchists in the Russian Revolution

Review of Fighting for ourselves - Anarchist Federation

A review of the Solidarity Federation's booklet Fighting For Ourselves in issue 80 of the Anarchist Federation's magazine Organise!

Fighting for Ourselves: Anarcho-syndicalism and the class struggle.

Solidarity Federation. 2012. 121pp. Availability & pricing:

Occupy! At the Crossroads - A look at the Occupy! Phenomenon

A look at the Occupy! movement , taken fron no 79 of Organise! magazine of the Anarchist Federation

The Occupy movement was a phenomenon that spread rapidly throughout the United States and was echoed on a much smaller scale in Great Britain. It was inspired by events around the Arab Spring, in particular the occupation of Tahrir Square in Cairo and by the movement in Spain, the Indignados (Indignants).

The legacy of St Imier

Text of talk given at public meeting of the London Group of the Anarchist Federation

The Legacy of Saint-Imier

Extract of : Organise! Issue N°79,

The following article contributed by Brian Morris is the text of a talk to the Anarchist Federation's London Group on May 19th 2012.

Climate Camp and Us - Anarchist Federation

A perspective paper produced by members of the Anarchist Federation within climate camp 2009. Originally published in September 2009.

At the 2008 Climate Camp in Kingsnorth an open letter was circulated by anti-capitalist campers raising concerns that the movement was increasingly being influenced by state-led approaches to tackling climate change. A more developed version was later published by Shift magazine. The original argued broadly that the camp should adopt anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian principles and objectives.

The uprising in Baja California

A short account of the Magonista uprising in Baja California, supported by US Wobblies.

Baja California (Lower California ) is the long finger of land that stretches down into the Pacific south of the border with California in the USA. The border towns of Tijuana and Mexicali and the coastal town of Ensanada are its chief towns. Here for six months during 1911 a major insurrection took place. Organise!

A grave error: the Mexican syndicalists

A short account of the syndicalist union Casa del Obrero Mundial and its failure to relate to the anarchistic movements of Zapata and Villa.

The birth of the workers’ movement in Mexico was profoundly influenced by anarchism. This movement proclaimed independence from the political parties and the State. Yet in 1915 a pact was signed with the Constitutionalists led by Carranza. Organise! Looks at why this might have happened.