Anarchist Federation

Aspects Of Anarchism

Thoughts and commentary on some of the most important issues that anarchists must confront, from an anarchist communist perspective.

Previously published in Organise! The Magazine of Revolutionary Anarchism, sometime circa 1990-1995

Resistance to Nazism: Shattered Armies-How the Working Class fought Nazism and Fascism 1933-1945

Telling the stories of libertarian groups that were opposing Fascism in Europe before, and into, the rise of the Nazis including Edelweiss Pirates, FAUD underground, Zazous, 43 group, Arditi del Popolo and dozens of other Italian groups

Against Parliament, For Anarchism

Anarchist Federation(UK)'s criticism of the action of specific british political parties and their politics and the anarchist alternative.

What is Anarchist Communism

Old leaflet( early 2000s???) produced by the Anarchist Federation(UK) which aims to explain in simple terms Anarchist Communism.

2017: What it holds, and what all anarchists can do about it

Theresa May.

An Anarchist Federation member's thoughts on 2017, the state of our social movements and the way ahead.

The sad conceit of Participatory economics

Anarchist Federation critically discusses Participatory Economics( Parecon)

From Organise Issue 62, Summer 2004.

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Green Anarchist- bombs away? or away with the fairies?

Anarchist Communist Federation expresses its opposition to Green Anarchists statements in favour of bombings.

Organise Summer-Autumn 1998 Issue 49

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Revolutionary Portraits - Erich Muhsam: Poet, playwright, bohemian, anarchist revolutionary

Anarchist Federation Biography of German Anarchist Erich Muhsam from AF publication Organise in 2006

In the tradition: where our politics comes from

The object of the following article is to outline the various political movements, events and current ideas and individuals which have in one way or another, served as influences upon the development of the Anarchist Communist Federation and subsequently the Anarchist Federation.

Anarchist Communism in Britain

In this article we take a look at the development of Anarchist Communism in Britain since the late 19th century.

(Organize, Anarchist Federation, Spring 1996)