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1918-1922: The Arditi del Popolo

The Arditi del Popolo

A history of the people's militias who fought Italy's fascists covering the birth, growth and decline of the world's first anti-fascist group, the Arditi del Popolo.

By the end of World War I, the working class in Italy were in a state of revolutionary ferment.

1922: The Hong Kong strike

The history of a huge general strike in Hong Kong which won many concessions, including a 20% pay hike.

Hong Kong, Pearl of The Orient? Bastion of democracy against communism? Or a battleground for 200 years between worker and master?

1915: The Glasgow rent strike

Rent strike demonstration, Glasgow 1915

The history of a months-long rent strike of 30,000 Glasgow residents against profiteering landlords, forcing the government to freeze rents for the duration of World War I.

During the First World War, rent increases across Glasgow provoked massive working class opposition, mainly from women organised in tenants’ groups. Their struggle against profiteering landlords during extremely difficult circumstances is a valuable example of how collective action really gets results.

1953: The East German uprising

A brief history of a rebellion against the Soviet government.

Many people have heard of the uprisings in Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia in 1968. The 1953 East Germany rebellion was an earlier example of the working class resistance to Bolshevik domination, which saw party bureaucrats and cops strung up and a nationwide network of workers councils springing up spontaneously.

1939-1945: The Edelweiss Pirates

Edelweiss Pirates

An account of the Edelweiss Pirates, a World War II era German anti-Nazi movement of working class youth who fought against the regime.

Hitler’s power may lay us low,
And keep us locked in chains,
But we will smash the chains one day,
We’ll be free again
We’ve got fists and we can fight,
We’ve got knives and we’ll get them out
We want freedom, don’t we boys?
We’re the fighting Navajos!

The anarchist movement in Japan, 1906-1996 - John Crump

Japanese anarchists

John Crump's history of anarchism and the anarchist movement in Japan from the beginning of the 20th Century up until the pamphlet was written in the 1990s.

by John Crump, prefaced by the Anarchist Communist Federation

Anarchist Communist Editions ACE Pamphlet No. 8
Paper edition printed by Pirate Press (Autumn 1996). This Electronic Edition (Summer 1998)
Published by the Anarchist Federation

Wilckens, Kurt Gustav, 1886-1923

Kurt Gustav Wilckens

A short biography of German-born anarchist Kurt Gustav Wilckens, who assassinated the man responsible for the deaths of 1,500 workers, and whose murder provoked a general strike.

Kurt Gustav Wilckens
Born 3 November 1886 - Germany, died 15 June 1923, Argentina

Noe, Ito, 1895-1923

Ito Noe

A short biography of Ito Noe, a courageous Japanese woman who broke with her social conditioning and became a champion of both women’s liberation and anarchism.

Ito Noe
Born 1895 - Kyushu, Japan, died 1923 - Tokyo, Japan

Ito was born in 1895, to a family of landed aristocracy, on the southern island of Kyushu. After graduating from Ueno Girls High School, she was forced against her will into an arranged marriage in her native village. She soon ran away to Tokyo.

Radowitzky, Simon, 1891-1956

A biography of Ukrainian-born anarchist Simon Radowitzky, who assassinated a police chief responsible for the killings of workers.

Simon Radowitzky
Aka Szymon Radowicki, born 10 September or November 1891 - Ukraine, died 29 February 1956 - Mexico

Szymon Radowicki (more usually known in Argentina as Simon Radowitzky) was born on either the 10th of September or November 1891 into a workers family in the Jewish community in the little Ukrainian village of Stepanice (Stapanesso).

Roussenq, Paul, 1885-1949

Paul Roussenq

A short biography of French anarchist Paul Roussenq, who spent much of his life in prison camps.

Paul Roussenq
Born 1885 - France, died August 1949 - France

The jailbird of Saint Gilles