Anarchist Federation

Anarchist Federation on Obama

Below is a collectively produced statement on the election of Barack Obama by Manchester AF.

Guerra, Armand, 1886-1939

Armand Guerra.

Typesetter, film maker, scenario write, actor and anarchist active within the movement in Spain and internationally.

Babylon Burning: West Kingston lock-down and police killings in Jamaica (2001)

Lock-down in Tivoli Gardens, West Kingston, Jamaica, 2001

In the summer of 2001, police locked down parts of the downtown area of Kingston, Jamaica. This contemporary leaflet reports on the event, and examines the background to the violence that makes Jamaica the state with the largest police 'kill-rate' (per head of population) in the world.

Aims and Principles - Anarchist Federation

Ten-point aims and principles of the UK Anarchist Federation, formerly the Anarchist Communist Federation, briefly outlining their fundamental ideas and intended function.

War on the streets in Armenia

Tank on the streets - Armenia state of emergency Feb/Mar 2008

February and March in Armenia saw a disputed presidential election (19/2/2008) followed by eleven days of demonstrations in the capital Yerevan, broken up by tanks, police attacks and the imposition of a State of Emergency (1/3/2008).

Michaelis, Margaret born Margaret Gross, 1902-1985

A short biography of modernist photographer and anarchist Margaret Michaelis 1902-1985.

Matiushenko, Afanasy Nikolaevich 1879-1907

Afanasy Matiushenko

A biography of Afanasy Matiushenko, who was one of the key mutineers on the Battleship Potemkin, immortalised by Eisenstein's film, which helped kick-start the 1905 Revolution.

Elser, Georg, 1903-1945

Georg Elser

The story of a quiet man who tried single-handedly to kill Hitler.

Camus, Albert and the anarchists

Albert Camus

Organise! magazine looks at the life and work of the great thinker and writer, Albert Camus, and his close relationship with the French and Spanish anarchist movements.

Midnight legislation: Class Struggle in Ireland 1760-1840

Failure of the potato crop, Illustration from the Pictorial Times 22 August 1846

This article was originally carried in issue 60 of Organise!, journal of the Anarchist Federation. It is a brief history of Whiteboy groups in rural Ireland.