New Perspectives on Anarchism, Labour and Syndicalism: The Individual, the National and the Transnational - ed. David Berry and Constance Bantman

This collection presents new research on the history of anarchist movements and their relation to organised labour, notably revolutionary syndicalism. Bringing together specialists in their field, it ranges across Europe and from the late nineteenth century to the beginnings of the Cold War. National histories are revisited through transnational perspectives—on Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland or Europe as a whole—evidencing a great wealth of cross-border interactions and reciprocal influences between regions and countries.

"Black Flag of Anarchism" (Summer 1974)

Occasional newsletter by two New Jersey anarchists

آنارکوسندیکالیسم نوشتۀ رودولف راکر با پیشگفتار نوآم چامسکی ترجمۀ محمودرضا عبداللهی

Anarchosynicalism Farsi

چاپ آنارکوسندیکالیسم اثر رودولف راکر، پس از سالیان دراز، برای آنان که دل مشغول مسائلی چون آزادی و عدالت اند، روی دادی بسیار مهم محسوب می شود

The Federation: A Libertarian Socialist Discussion Bulletin - # 1 (1975)

In 1974 a small group of anarcho-syndicalists, libertarian socialists and anarchist-communists from the US eastern seaboard develop relations, communication and collaboration, forming
"The Federation" in 1975.

On the following pages you will find the one and only bulletin, plus some reports, literature list and a leaflet in support of the then reemerging Spanish CNT.

What is the Workers Solidarity Alliance?

"What is the Workers Solidarity Alliance?" is a 1980's folded leaflet/brochure issued by the Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA).

Let's Get Organized - Anarchist Unionism: The Feminist Connection

"Let's Get Organized - Anarchist Unionism: The Feminist Connection" was an early 1990's folded leaflet/brochure issued by the Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA) "Working Group on Feminism and Sexism." The Working group was formed as both an internal and external group.

What is Anarchist Unionism?

"What is Anarchist Unionism?" is a 1980's folded leaflet/brochure issued by the Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA). The leaflet / brochure were a mainstay for many years, primarily used by the New York / New Jersey Group. Additionally, the leaflet/brochure was sent to prospective new members as well (when the national office functions were in NY).

Collapsing the levels, Consolidating Our efforts

A piece by Scott Nappalos about consolidating the efforts of political and mass organizing.

What is the CNT?

1972 basic introduction to the anarcho-syndicalist by a long standing CNT-AIT militant and participant in the Spanish Revolution.