Principles of syndicalism - Tom Brown

IWW syndicalist Elizabeth Gurley Flynn speaks, Lawrence strike 1912

Written by the well known activist and propagandist Tom Brown, the article explains clearly the principles according to which syndicalist unions organise, and the new society they aim to create "within the shell of the old".

What is anarcho-syndicalism? - libertarian reformism, vanguardism or revolutionary unionism?

Anarcho-syndicalist flags

This controversial article was a reflection of how the author saw things at the time. It was published in Black Flag in 1997. It's fair to say that his views have changed since then and events have moved on.

Anarcho-syndicalism, racism and struggle

Interesting account of an anarcho-syndicalist and member of the Direct Action Movement about being an ethnic "minority" in Britain and how to oppose racism, from around 1983.

Anarcho-syndicalism - an introduction

CNT workers demonstrate during the Mercadona supermarket strike, 2006

A short explanation of anarcho-syndicalism and notes on its history.

An open letter to the IWA from SAC, 1998

An open letter from a member of the Malmö local of the SAC to members of the IWA about their relations as well as anarcho-syndicalism more generally.

Bonometti, Ettore, 1872-1961

Ettore Bonometti.

A short biography of Italian anarchist militant Ettore Bonometti, who helped found the anarcho-syndicalist union the USI.

1860-today: The International Workers Association

The history of the anarchist international from its origins in the 1860s through its height of several million members, to its later decline and current resurgence.

1917-1918: The Brazilian anarchist uprising

Sao Paolo, general strike, 1917.

A short history of the attempted revolution in Brazil of 1918. The uprising failed when it was infiltrated by security forces, and the army did not join the side of the workers.

1936-1939: The Spanish civil war and revolution


A short history of the Spanish civil war and revolution which broke out in response to the right-wing and fascist coup attempt of General Franco.

Interview with a CGT member about the union, 1998

An interview with a member of the Spanish syndicalist union, the CGT. We do not necessarily agree with many points in this article, but reproduce for reference.