Interview with a CGT member about the union, 1998

An interview with a member of the Spanish syndicalist union, the CGT. We do not necessarily agree with many points in this article, but reproduce for reference.

Spain: Supermarket strike in Barcelona to enter second month

This Saturday the 22nd of April will mark the end of the first month of an indefinite strike in Barcelona by workers at the Sant Sadurni d'Anoia logistics centre for the major Spanish Supermarket chain Mercadona.

Spain: Thousands march against new labour laws

As millions fight new employment laws in France, last week 5,000 people marched in Madrid against new proposed labour reforms in Spain.

Swedish syndicalist postmen black extreme right-wing propaganda

On Monday the 27th of March the postal workers syndicate of the Stockholm area, affiliated to anarcho-syndicalist union the SAC, refused to deliver extreme right-wing propaganda from the party Nationaldemokraterna - the National Democrats.

An interview with the Awareness League of Nigeria, 1994

Here we publish extracts of an interview with Samuel, General Secretary of the Awareness League, the newest section of the International Workers Association, the anarcho-syndicalist international. The interview took place in Spain in August 1994, and is translated from "Le Combat Syndicaliste".

Planka - freeriding in Sweden and Finland

In Stockholm, Gothenburg and Helsinki, commuters are taking the initiative in the fight for decent, free public transportation.

Syndicalists in the Russian Revolution - Maximov

G. P. Maximov

An account of the effects Russian Revolution on the Russian syndicalists and anarchists, and vice-versa, by a leading Russian anarcho-syndicalist of the time.

Anarcho-syndicalism - Rudolf Rocker

Classic extended work of Rudolf Rocker on anarcho-syndicalism.

The relevance of anarchism to modern society - Sam Dolgoff

The increasing complexity of society is making anarchism more and not less relevant to modern life, argues anarcho-syndicalist Sam Dolgoff in the present pamphlet.