Beasts of burden - Antagonism and Practical History

An attempt to rethink the separation between animal liberationist and communist politics.

Bordiga versus Pannekoek - Antagonism

Introduction to a pamphlet examining how the Italian and Dutch-German communist lefts dealt with the questions of communist organisation, consciousness and class.

Technoskeptic - Antagonism

Article examining modern technology, and the limitations of its use for subversive practices.

Anarchy and community in the UK

Article examining the meaning of 'community' in the current society, and what it would mean under communism.

CS gas and the use of force - Antagonism

Leaflet produced after some protesters were gassed at a demonstration against the 1995 Criminal Justice Bill.

Our lives against justice and rights - Antagonism

Leaflet produced for a demonstration against the 1995 Criminal Justice Bill.

Kill Kill Kill! - Antagonism

Analysis of the UK Criminal Justice Bill 1995.

Our activity in the late 1980s and 1990s: activity and balance sheet - Antagonism

The Antagonism group reflect on their activities and theoretical development, through involvement in various groups and struggles from the mid-1980s to the end of the 1990s.

Reclaim the Streets, Islington 1995 and the role of road-building in the restructuring of Capital and the recomposition of the proletariat - Antagonism

Leaflet written for distribution at a 1996 Reclaim the Streets occupation of the M41 motorway, looking at the limitations of such occupations in the broader context of the capitalist restructuring occuring at the time.

The defeat of the old workers movement and the failure of the revolutionary minorities - Antagonism

A look at the level of defeat in the proletariat of mid-90s Britain.