The Working Class Waves Bye-Bye: A Proletarian Response to Andre Gorz

Midnight Notes critically review Andre Gorz' book "Farewell to the Working Class".

Bob Black : La abolo de la laboro


Unu el la plej gravaj institucioj en nia moderna socio estas la laboro. La Abolo de la laboro de Bob Black estas la plej grava kritiko al la laboro, iam ajn skribita, kaj sekve la plej revolucia teksto ekzistanta.

Two jobs with one stone - Reports about working at London Linen and Skinny Bakery

A friend of ours summarised his experiences about working at two west London workplaces as a temporary worker…

On "Bullshit Jobs"

This is a review of David Graeber's book "Bullshit Jobs."

Abolition of Work

A reading of Bob Black's Abolition of Work.

In Praise of Idleness

An extract from Bertrand Russell's essay in Praise of Idleness.

The Decline and Fall of Work

A reading of an extract from chapter 5 of Raoul Vaneigem's book the Revolution of everyday life.

The Tyranny of the Clock

A reading of George Woodcock's 1944 essay the Tyranny of the Clock.

Anti Work Essays - Audio Anarchy

A selection of audio essays arguing for opposition to the concept of work and the damage done by the economic and social relationship.