Anton Pannekoek

Anton Pannekoek and Socialism Of Workers' Self-Emancipation (1873-1960) - John Paul Gerber

John Paul Gerbers thesis on Dutch left communist Anton Pannekoek.

Council communism: political-economic transformation and initial revolutionary measures – Philippe Bourrinet

A brief introduction to the history and some important theoretical contributions of council communism, including a discussion of the Fundamental Principles of Communist Production and Distribution, Pannekoek’s Workers Councils, and Paul Mattick’s views on the issue of labor-time accounting, and some comments on the continuing relevance of council communism.

Deviations, part 1: the Castoriadis-Pannekoek exchange

Asad Haider and Salar Mohandesi's introduction to a series of letters between Anton Pannekoek and Cornelius Castoriadis.

Marx’s critique of socialist labor-money schemes and the myth of council communism’s Proudhonism - David Adam

Anton Pannekoek

In this article, David Adam takes aim at Gilles Dauvé's critique of the council communists, which has been influential in the communisation milieu.

Imperialism and the tasks of the proletariat - Anton Pannekoek

Influential text by council communist Anton Pannekoek published for the first time in English. Originally published in 1916 the journal of Zimmerwald Left (Verbote).

Reply to Castoriadis - Pannekoek

Pannekoek's final response to Castoriadis's letter in Socialisme ou Barbarie, translated by Asad Haider and Salar Mohandesi for Viewpoint Magazine.

Reply to Pannekoek - Castoriadis

A reply to Pannekoek's letter to Socialisme ou Barbarie, translated by Asad Haider and Salar Mohandesi for Viewpoint Magzine.

Party and class - Anton Pannekoek

Dutch council communist Anton Pannekoek on the relationship between the revolutionary party and the working class.

Marxism and Darwinism - Anton Pannekoek

1909 text by council communist Anton Pannekoek about Marxism and evolution.

The new Blanquism - Anton Pannekoek

1920 text by Anton Pannekoek criticising the Communist Party.