The Atheistic Communistic Scorcher

Chatterton, Dan autobiography

Chatterton portrait & a cover of The Scorcher

Written a few years before he died, Chatterton describes his time as a lifelong London working class radical and revolutionist.

No God, No Devil. No Heaven, No Hell - Dan Chatterton, The Scorcher (1894)

Chatterton's call for an end to religion, the abolition of Monarchy, Parliament, "the entire monetary system" and for "Building the Commune, in the Freedom of Co-operative Community". For those ruling class members who object, the option is offered of "a nine foot drop". Vive La Commune.

The Abolition of the Queen, Lords and Commons - Dan Chatterton, The Scorcher

Addressed to the Prime Minister of the day - Chatterton's Communist programme for overthrowing the ruling class; abolition of Royalty, Houses of Lords and Commons; disbanding of Army, Navy and Police forces and an end to Imperialist rule abroad; to be achieved, if necessary, by bloody guerilla war; the establishment of a People's Commune implementing one hour's work a day for all..