Appendix: Oil Wars and New World Orders in Historical Context


Following the conversion of the Royal Navy from coal in 1911 and the development of petro-chemical industries after WW2, oil became a militarily and economically important resource for the major imperialist powers.

Resistance to the 1991 Gulf War - Treason pamphlet

This pamphlet - a collection of articles - was prepared for the Zerowar conference which was held in Wollongong on the 8th of December 2002.

'Anti-capitalism' as ideology...and as movement? - Aufheben - Treason pamphlet

“Anti-Capitalism As Ideology...And As Movement?” is an analysis of the anti-summit movement by the British communist group Aufheben which was first published in the tenth annual issue of their journal in September 2001.

Aufheben "Behind the Twenty-First Century Intifada" Treason pamphlet

“Behind the Twenty-First Century Intifada” was originally published in Aufheben #10, September 2001. Aufheben have a website at:

“Provisional Notes on the Situation in Palestine and Further Afield” was handed out at a demonstration in London in May 2002. No War But The Class War have a website at:

Argentina 2001 uprising Treason pamphlet

This pamphlet was produced to make available information about the massive working class revolts in Argentina in 2001-2. These struggles were probably the most important action of the global proletariat in recent years. In time what happened in Argentina will come to be seen as an event of similar importance to May 1968 in France when 10 million workers went on wildcat strike for three weeks.

Intakes: 'Rostock or: How the new Germany is being governed'

In this abridged translation of an article originally published in Wildcat (Germany), it is shown how the state is using the issue of racism to develop its 'social strategy of tension'.

The 'Intake' article this issue is taken from #60 of the German magazine Wildcat (Shiraz e.V. - Postfach 301206 - 50782 Köln), a copy of which was sent to us with the request that it be circulated.

Aufheben #1 Editorial

Aufheben #1 Editorial: "Theoretical criticism and practical overthrow are ... inseparable activities, not in any abstract sense but as a concrete and real alteration of the concrete and real world of bourgeois society." (Karl Korsch.)

About Aufheben

A brief introduction to the Aufheben group and magazine.

Aufheben: (past tense: hob auf; past participle: aufgehoben; noun: Aufhebung)


Online home of Aufheben, a UK-based libertarian communist journal founded in 1992.

The journal Aufheben was first produced in the UK in Autumn 1992. Those involved had participated in a number of struggles together - the anti-poll tax movement, the campaign against the Gulf War - and wanted to develop theory in order to participate more effectively: to understand capital and ourselves as part of the proletariat so we could attack capital more effectively.

Introduction to Aufheben

Aufheben - UK, 1992-present
Aufheben is a journal published in Brighton, UK.

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