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Viewpoint Magazine

Archive of issues of the online publication Viewpoint Magazine, an autonomist Marxist influenced online publication.

In Letters of Blood and Fire - George Caffentzis

A collection of essays by George Caffentzis.

Part One: Work/Refusal
The Work/Energy Crisis and the Apocalypse
Mormons in Space (with Silvia Federici)
The End of Work or the Renaissance of Slavery?
A Critique of Rifkin and Negri
Three Temporal Dimensions of Class Struggle
A Critique of “Cognitive Capitalism”

Part Two: Machines
On Africa and Self-Reproducing Automata

Zerowork journal

Comprehensive online archive of the Zerowork journal, an autonomist Marxist-influenced magazine based in the US which published two issues between 1975 and 1977.

Some articles retrieved from the excellent

Storming the West - Celluloid Liberation Front

Film theory on the spaghetti western films of the 1960s and 70s and how they were informed by the revolutionary conditions in the real world.

"I remember we used to wear the same dusters from The Wild Bunch or the one James Coburn wore in Duck, You Sucker!" —Francesco Piccioni (Red Brigades member)

University as factory

What role do colleges and universities play in the global capitalist order? How does escalating student debt fit within broader political-economic trends and tendencies? What does the Edu-factory Collective mean when it claims that "what was once the factory is now the university"? C.S. Soong of Pacifica Radio's "Against the Grain" plays Max Haiven navigating through these issues in a recent talk.

Listen here.

The Edu-factory Collective, Toward a Global Autonomous University Autonomedia, 2009.

The refusal of work - Workers Committee of Porto Marghera

Petrolchimico plant

This text was published by Italian chemical workers in the “Comitato operaio di Porto Marghera”, in Quaderni dell'or-ganizzazione operaia, no. 1, 1970, in duplicated format.


This text is translated from the French version, which can be found in the recently published book Pouvoir ouvrier à Porto Marghera - Du Comité d’usine à l’Assemblée de territoire (Vénétie – 1960-80) [“Workers’ Power in Porto Marghera – from the Factory Committee to the Territorial Assembly (Venetia – 1960-80)”], Les nuits rouges, 2012.

Communists like us - Felix Guattari & Toni Negri

Short book written in 1985 and published in 1990 in English by Felix Guattari & Antonio Negri.

Is capitalism a market society?

German libertarian communist group Wildcat examine if capitalism is really a market society.

Antonio Negri: a revolt that never ends

Antonio Negri.

Documentary about the life and ideas of Italian Marxist Antonio Negri. With interesting footage and information from Italy in the 1960s-70s it follows his development from the 'Operaisti' through to his trial for supposed involvement in the Red Brigades all the way up to Empire and the anti-globalisation movement.

Antonio Negri: a revolt that never ends from Libcom Dot Org on Vimeo.

Operaist freedom: for Romano Alquati

An obitatury for Italian Marxist, Romano Alquati, who passed away in April of 2010 at the age of 75.

“Look, you went to the wrong floor” Romano Alquati would answer at the beginning of the 1990s to a leftist student who wanted to write a dissertation on (factory) workers. If you want to write a dissertation on (factory) workers you should go to the second floor, to “ Archeology.” Like the “rude pagan race” [Tronti’s description of the mass worker], Alquati had no gods and refused myths.