Avishai Ehrlich

The Oriental support for Begin - Avishai Ehrlich

Sephardic Jewish labourers.

Avishai Ehrlich critiques Emmanuel Farjoun's article Class divisions in Israeli society, particularly Farjoun's claim that Oriental Jewish rejection of the Israeli centre-left is one made as a class.

Zionism, demography and women's work - Avishai Ehrlich

A Marxist analysis on the role of women workers in Israeli society, showing how zionist colonisation affected the inequality of women who were used as a reserve source of labour whenever a shortage in the workforce threatened to hamper zionist goals.

The crisis in Israel: danger of fascism? - Avishai Ehrlich

Menachem Begin, Israeli PM 1977-1983.

Article describing the roots of the internal crisis in Israel which led, more than a year later, in May 1977, to the replacement of the Labour government by the right-wing Likud/Religious Party Coalition led by Menachem Begin. Also contains interesting information about the Israeli Communist Party and labour Zionism.