Agitation in Bangladeshi jute mill areas continues

After Thursday's clashes, in which revised figures tell of 200 injured and one worker dead, the strike continues and tension remains high in Khulna.

Striking jute-mill workers clash with cops in Bangladesh

On Wednesday 6th Sep 25,000 workers from 8 jute mills in the south-western city of Khulna began a 2 day strike.

Bangladeshi Government forced to renounce mine project

burning log blocks Phulbari rail line.

In the face of mass resistance, Bangladeshi Government forced to renounce mine project. More actions threatened in garment industry.

News from Bangladesh

Unrest continues across Bangladesh, with widespread strikes and the mass revolt against an attempt by a British company to begin destructive open cast mining in Phulbari.

Garment workers revolt in Bangladesh

RM analyses the strikes, riots and fires of the garment workers of Bangladesh for

Bangladesh: Textile workers win right to unionise

Bangladeshi authorities have said they will grant union rights to workers in the clothing industry in a bid to end protests that have left one man dead and scores injured and cost the industry an estimated $140 million.

Bangladesh: Police open fire on striking workers, killing one

At least one person was killed and 80 injured as police opened fire on garment workers who have been on a wildcat strike demanding a pay increase and the release of two imprisoned colleagues.

A Visit to Bangladesh

Bangladesh: general strike

A general strike is in force today across Bangladesh.