Baruch Hirson

Syndicalists in South Africa, 1908-17 - Baruch Hirson

Mary 'Pickhandle' Fitzgerald addressing strikers in Market Square, 1913.

Baruch Hirson, South African Trotskyist, provides some insight into the South African syndicalists of the early twentieth century recovering the history of South African left traditions ignored or caricatured in the South African Communist Party and academic accounts. Although his interest was in the Communist Party and the Trotskyists that emerged subsequently, his work also touched on the anarchist and syndicalist tradition, as this interesting paper shows.

Various documents on the Stalinism of the ANC

This article by Baruch Hirson was first published in "Searchlight South Africa" No.5 in July 1990. It exposes the authoritarianism at the heart of the African National Congress - an organisation that became fully Stalinist during the Cold War and which continues to operate with a toxic mix of paranoia and authoritarianism.

Strike Across The Empire, 1925 - Baruch Hirson and Lorraine Vivian

British seamen marching to jail in Wellington, New Zealand, September 1925.

A fascinating and detailed account of a little known international seamens' strike in 1925, lasting over 100 days and spreading from Britain to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.