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Tim Burgess: 'celebrity' Charlatan scab

As journalists at the BBC strike to defend their jobs while senior execs get huge payoffs, former front man of middle-of-the-road Britpop act The Charlatans, scabs on them by covering for Lauren Laverne who joined the walkout. Presumably, as he is so desperate, being a scab is the only way he can get on the radio.

Thousands of members of the National Union of Journalists at the corporation walked out on 18 February against job cuts. As the corporation makes compulsory redundancies while advertising posts externally and giving huge payoffs to failing bosses like George Entwistle who quit during the Jimmy Savile scandal.

Get this racist Jack Straw off the BBC

Leaflet distributed at the Unite Against Fascism demonstration against British National party leader Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time arguing against censorship and "ruling class anti-fascism".

The recent row over the British National Party’s appearance on BBC Question Time displays the level of anger at the rise of the far-right party. All of us have turned out today because we oppose Nick Griffin’s racist effort to blame immigrants for all of society’s ills, including the economic crisis, and do not want his rubbish to gain more of an audience.

Jo Whiley - BBC scab

Radio "personality" Jo Whiley crossed picket lines to work during the 2005 strike of BBC workers against job cuts.

Fellow Beeb journalist Steve Bunce on BBC London later complained about not being able to give out prizes, he blamed "the stuff that Scabby Whiley's been up to."

Possibly then after someone had a word in his ear he followed up with "Well, she is a scab, isn't she. She crossed a picket line. No argument there. She's a scab so we can call her that."

No arguments here!

BBC announces 2,500 job cuts

The BBC has confirmed plans to eliminate 2,500 jobs in a bid to save $4 billion over the next five years, The Times of London reported Thursday.

Details are being given to staff at briefings across the country, with Director-General Mark Thompson explaining that he wanted to announce the layoffs quickly to avoid plunging the corporation into uncertainty.

BBC faces strikes over 3,000 job cuts

BBC workers' picket, 2005

A new wave of strike action is likely at the BBC as its director general Mark Thompson prepares to announce up to 3,000 job cuts.

Staff yesterday claimed morale was lower than at any point since John Birt's directorship as union leaders met the BBC Trust chairman, Sir Michael Lyons.

Chris Moyles - scab radio

Chris Moyles - scab

Spectacularly tedious radio 'personality' Chris Moyles crossed the picket lines of his colleagues during the 2011 BBC strike against compulsory redundancies. 2005 BBC strike against 4,000 job cuts.

This should come as no surprise, as Moyles has a history of scabbing, when he crossed picket lines during the 2005 BBC strike against 4,000 job cuts.Ignoring the wishes of his workmates, Moyles - who just one month earlier had recieved a £630,000 a year pay deal - presented his Radio One breakfast show as usual.

Moyles also struck controversy by racially offending actress Halle Berry.

Declan Curry - most prominent BBC news scab

Declan Curry

Business presenter Declan Curry was the only presenter to cross picket lines on BBC1's breakfast show during the 2005 strike.

The Guardian reported that he said "I don't support the strike at all. The management have made a very strong case in my view as to why these cuts are necessary."

He hoped that "fellow workers" would respect his decision.

libcom heard reports that he was bombarded with emails denouncing his actions, with at least one journalist emailing him Jack London's The Scab:

Terry Wogan - "sympathetic" to strikers, and scab

Wogan scab

Terry Wogan, one of the BBC's highest paid presenters scabbed on the strike of BBC workers against cuts in 2005.

The Guardian reported that he said he supported the strike but felt he was not in a position to join the 24-hour walkout.

"Of course I have sympathy for them [the strikers] but I have a job to do. I am on a contract," he said.

Wogan had earlier refused to take a leaflet on the strike action from a representative from broadcasting union Bectu.

BBC strike this month?

500 BBC production staff are likely to strike on the 15th and 23rd of February over job cuts. Mergers of production jobs, likely to cause over 100 job losses according to the union BECTU, have provoked the decision to strike by workers in Bristol, London, Birmingham and Manchester.

"According to Bectu officer Luke Crawley: "Our members are saying that they are prepared to strike because they are not happy with the BBC's proposals.

"The BBC want to introduce the new role of assistant producer which will do radio and web content production and studio management.