Quintal, Francisco Nobrega Do (1898-1987)

Francisco Quintal

A short biography of Francisco Quintal, Portuguese anarchist militant, skipper and one of founders of the Federacion Anarquista Iberica

Francisco Nobrega Do Quintal was born on August 24th at Funchal on the Isle of Madeira. Born into a well-off family, he moved with them to Lisbon at the age of fourteen with the declaration of the Republic in 1910.He finished his studies at the Nautical School in Lisbon. He discovered anarchism at the age of fifteen by reading literature by the French anarchist-communist Jean Grave.

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon: a biography - George Woodcock

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon: A Biography

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1809-65) was one of the most important social thinkers of the nineteenth century. A considerable amount has been written about him in French. The present work, however, is the first full-scale biography in English.

Proudhon has been called the father of anarchism, and he attained a certain notoriety during the nineteenth century for such aphoristic statements as "property is theft" and "God is evil." But Proudhon was much more than philosopher and literary iconoclast.

Schreiber, Otto, 1868-1917: victim of the war “for liberty and democracy”

Letter from Schreiber to Landauer

A short biography of German anarchist Otto Schreiber, who was active in London for many years.

Otto Franz Schreiber was born on 20th January 1868 in Germany. He seems to have made his way to London sometime in the1880s where he worked as a tailor. He was an active member of the Communistische ArbeitersBildungVerein (Communist Workers Education League) founded in London in 1840 to which many exiled members of the Communist League, including Marx himself, had belonged.

Lu Jianbo 卢剣波 (1904 - 1991)

Ba Jin (l.) Lu Jianbo (r.)

A short biography of Chinese anarchist veteran Lu Jianbo

Lu Jianbo was for many years one of the most active anarchists in China, speaking for class struggle, effective organisation, and against compromise with the nationalist Guomindang. Like his more well known comrade Ba Jin, he hailed from Sichuan in southern China.

Vassilev, Pano, 1901-1933

A brief biography of the Bulgarian anarcho-syndicalist, Pano Vassilev, author of 'The soviets idea' (1933).

“At 1900 hours on 13 April (1933) in a Sofia street, the anarcho-syndicalist worker Pano Vassilev was murdered by the police.

Lewin, Arthur (1907-1976)

A short biography of the German anarchist Arthur Lewin, active in Spain and France.

Arthur Lewin was born into a Jewish family on 12th April 1907. He became active in the Anarcho-Syndicalist Youth(SAJD) in Leipzig. There he met his future wife Martha. He was a keen Esperantist and was a delegate to the World Esperantist Congress at Leningrad in 1925.

Aufseher, Izak, “Isidor” “Issy” (1905-1977)

Izak Aufseher

A short biography of Izak Aufseher, anarchist active in Germany, Spain, and Switzerland

Izak Aufseher was born in the small town of Kuty in Galicia, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and now in the Ukraine, into a poor Jewish family on the 26th January 1905. He only attended school, run by Hasidic Jews, for two years and with the outbreak of the First World War he saw the break-up of his family. Forced by poverty to emigrate, he ended up in Berlin in 1928.

Klose, Helmut (1904-1987)

A short biography of Helmut Klose, German anarchist and hobo who fought in the Spanish civil war.

Helmut Klose was born in Jankemühle (Brandenburg, Germany) on August 4th 1904 the second of six children born to Fernardine Klose and her husband Bernhard, a miller.

Kille, Albert (1896-1937?)

A short biography of Albert Kille, German language anarchist who fought in Spain.

Albert Kille was born at St Gallen in Switzerland on 31st December 1896. He appears to have moved to Germany because in 1919 he joined the Productive Supplies Union there. He also joined the German Communist Party (KPD) around the same time.

Illfeld, Egon aka Ginez Garcia (1914-198?)

Illfeld on left

A short biography of the German Jewish anarchist Egon Illfeld

Egon Illfeld was born into a Jewish family in Wartenberg in Bavaria on January 19th, 1914. A typographer by trade, he became a member of the German Communist Party (KPD) and was sentenced in Munich in August 1934 to 6 months in prison as a member of the Communist Party. He appears to have been associated with the left opposition inside (and outside) the KPD.