BM Blob

The Hidden Injuries of Theory - Tom Jennings

Tom Jennings talks about the real contradictions in Class War and questions whether revolutionary theorising doesn't disguise more particular interests behind its all-embracing eloquence.

The bankruptcy of syndicalism and anarchism - Workers for Proletarian Autonomy and Social Revolution

An ultraleft critique of anarchism and syndicalism, written in 1979 in the UK, looking at the Spanish Civil War. We do not necessarily agree with all of it but reproduce it for reference.

"To delightful measures changed...": reflections on the 1978-79 Winter of Discontent

An analysis of a major 1970s highpoint of class struggle in the UK; its character, implications and consequences.

Once upon a time there was a place called Nothing Hill Gate…

A personal account covering 20 years of working class history in Notting Hill, including the Carnival, the 1987 riot and the conflicts on All Saints Road. Published by BM Blob in the spring of 1988.

Hot time: Summer on the estates - Riots in the UK 1991-2

Riot police in Newcastle, Meadowell Estate, 1991

A short article on the various riots in the UK during 1991-92, focusing on the North of England, Bristol and Luton.

Workers of the world tonight: international dockers struggles of the 1980s

Front cover

BM Blob's pamphlet on the struggles of dock workers across the world during the 1980s.

Like a summer with 1000 Julys …and other seasons…

Riot in St. Pauls, Bristol, 1980

An overview of the early 1980s strikes and riots in the UK.

Some basic ingredients of Yugoslav ideology


BM Blob's pamphlet on Yugoslavia including details of the strike wave in the mid-late '80s.

Yugoslavery: Yugoslavia - Capitalism and class struggle 1918-1967

Yugoslav partisans

An overview of developments in Yugoslavia between 1918 and 1967, including the wildcat strikes of 1965.

1991: The Kurdish uprising

Kurdish rebels, 1991

The following is an account of the uprising in Kurdistan in 1991, which buries the lies of the western media which presented this proletarian uprising as the work of nationalist parties in the north or Shi'ite religious fanatics in the south.