Filling The vacuum - London AFA

Veneer of respectability: the "new" BNP

1995 document by some people within Anti-Fascist Action following the BNP's decision to abandon the streets. The document led to the creation of the Independent Working Class Association.

Get this racist Jack Straw off the BBC

Leaflet distributed at the Unite Against Fascism demonstration against British National party leader Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time arguing against censorship and "ruling class anti-fascism".

Belfast Anti-BNP protest confronted by fascists

Belfast anti-fascist protestors are currently engaged in a stand-off with fascists in central Belfast at a protest over the British National Party (BNP) scheduled BBC appearance.

Stop the BNP, stop the real bigots

A leaflet produced by Brighton Solidarity Federation and distributed at an anti-BNP demonstration in Hove in December 2008, attended by 150 people in response to BNP attempts to meet publically and launch a local branch.

Shooting spree BNP man jailed for life


John Laidlaw, a member of the fascist British National Party (BNP) who wanted to "kill all black people" has been jailed for a life for a shooting spree in north London.

BNP scab union set for launch

The British National Party is set to formally launch its scab union on the 24 February at an undisclosed venue in central London.

Bash the fash: anti-fascist recollections, 1984-1993 - K Bullstreet

This is literally a no-punches pulled account of militant group Anti Fascist Action’s fight against fascism in Britain by a grassroots anarchist member of AFA. Highly recommended.

Anti-fascist leafletters attacked in Morley

A group of Unite Against Fascism supporters in Yorkshire were attacked whilst leafleting against the British National Party.