Stop the BNP, stop the real bigots

A leaflet produced by Brighton Solidarity Federation and distributed at an anti-BNP demonstration in Hove in December 2008, attended by 150 people in response to BNP attempts to meet publically and launch a local branch.

The BNP believe in much of the worst in society. Thugs in uniform kicking down immigrants doors at dawn and forcing them into detention camps without trial. Attacks on the organised working class. Playing one racial community against the other. Christian fundamentalist bigots in charge of communities. Destroying social institutions such as the NHS. These are some of the dreams of the BNP.

Shooting spree BNP man jailed for life


John Laidlaw, a member of the fascist British National Party (BNP) who wanted to "kill all black people" has been jailed for a life for a shooting spree in north London.

Former boxer John Laidlaw, 24, who had earlier threatened to "kill all black people", was found guilty of three counts of attempted murder and two firearms charges. He is the latest in a long line of members and activists of the BNP - which claims to be a "law and order" party - to be jailed for violent, sexual or anti-social offences.

BNP scab union set for launch

The British National Party is set to formally launch its scab union on the 24 February at an undisclosed venue in central London.

It is the latest attempt by the BNP to attract working class voters away from Labour. ‘Solidarity, The British Workers Union’ was registered with the Certification Office in December 2005 but it has yet to hold a formal public event. This will change this month when it holds its first Annual Meeting.

Bash the Fash - Anti-fascist recollections, 1984-1993

This is literally a no-punches pulled account of militant group Anti Fascist Action’s fight against fascism in Britain by a grassroots anarchist member of AFA. Highly recommended.

It is important, not because he makes any pretence at being a leading light but because the many small (or not so small) contributions such people make are key to the success that AFA achieved.

Written with honesty and a sense of humour, the tale of challenging the fascists for control of the streets – and winning – never descends to political cliché or reads like a pools forecast.

19. Anti-fascist events where I wasn’t present

Anecdotes from pamphlet Bash the Fash listing other short tales from the struggle against fascism in the UK.

13. Norwich BNP election meeting, 1990(?)

A short account of militant opposition to a British National Party election meeting in Norwich in 1989.

Anti-fascist leafletters attacked in Morley

A group of Unite Against Fascism supporters in Yorkshire were attacked whilst leafleting against the British National Party.

Groups of anti-racist and anti-fascists including members of the clergy, trade unionists and locals were attacked on Saturday 4th November by organised groups of BNP supporters.

Former BNP men face explosives charges

The BNP candidate appeared before Preston Crown Court

Former BNP candidate, Robert Cottage, and 62 year old dentist David Jackson have been charged with possessing explosives.

Robert Cottage, a BNP candidate in Colne last year, and David Jackson, a dentist from Nelson, Lancashire have been charged with possessing explosives at Preston Crown Court today.

The lawyers for the pair declined to ask for bail and were remanded in custody. A trial is set for February 12th at Manchester Crown Court.



This article outlines what fascism is, how it is growing in the 21st Century United Kingdom, how it has nothing to offer working people and how we can combat it.

This article will outline what fascism is, how it is growing in 21st Century Britain and how it has nothing to offer working people, and how we can combat it.

What is fascism?

BNP election candidate arrested in biggest explosives haul ever

BNP leader Nick Griffin with bodyguard facing race hate charges

Two men were arrested in Lancashire last week in the biggest explosives haul ever found at a house in the UK.

Robert Cottage (49), of Talbot Street, Colne, and David Bolus Jackson (62), of Trent Road, Nelson, appeared at a Pennine magistrate's court charged under the Explosive Substances Act 1883. Mrs Christiana Buchanan, acting for the prosecution in court, suggested that the pair had "some kind of masterplan".