Turner, Pete, 1935-2004

An obituary for British builder, anarchist and asbestos campaigner Pete Turner.

1999: Dahl Jenson construction strike

Immigrants demonstrated their willingness, when asked, to support British workers in struggle in this victorious strike of 300 building workers employed by different firms.

1971-1974: Green bans by builders in Australia

Kelly's Bush

A history of the massive campaign of industrial action by building workers which protected the environment and local communities by enacting green bans - refusals to work on harmful construction projects.

1971: The Kelly's Bush green ban


A short account of how construction workers saved the Kelly's Bush area of park land in Australia from development by refusing to work, and kick-started a movement of environmentally-minded industrial action.

Over 100 Australian workers in court over walkout

107 workers and their families will face court today in Perth, facing prosecution for taking industrial action following the sacking of their union representative.

Rank and File or Broad Left? (Review)

A review of "Rank and File or Broad Left: Democracy versus Bureaucracy - A short history of the Building Worker Group" by Brian Higgins, from Black Flag magazine.

UK: Picketing brickies released

Three bricklayers jailed this month for picketing building sites where they'd be refused work have been released.

Tronchet, Lucien, 1902-1981

Lucien Tronchet

A short biography of Swiss building worker, labour organiser and anarcho-syndicalist Lucien Tronchet.

Heathrow: Three day strike at Terminal 5

Construction workers for Laing O'Rourke at the Heathrow Terminal 5 site are likely to begin a three day strike from Tuesday morning at 6.45 until the same time Friday morning over their ongoing pay dispute.

Heathrow building workers set to strike again

A second strike by workers building Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport looks set to go ahead.