Cajo Brendel

Some thoughts on the re-organization of the revolutionary left

Left communist Cajo Brendel looks back on the failing of the revolutionary left.

About 58 years ago the French writer Georges Sorel stated that "the historiographers and the actors in the historical drama are unable to see what is much later understood as the essence of what happened." (1) If this is true in general it is particularly true of the (revolutionary) left.

1953: The Working Class Uprising In East-Germany, Cajo Brendel

East German uprising

Cajo Brendel's pamphlet on the East German Uprising 1953.

Class struggle Against Bolshevism

Cajo Brendel

(From original Echanges et Mouvement- london pamphlet) Editor's note :

1921: Kronstadt: Proletarian spin-off of the Russian Revolution - Cajo Brendel

Cajo Brendel's pamphlet on the Kronstadt rebellion


Council Communism & The Critique of Bolshevism

Cajo Brendel

Cajo Brendel on council communism and Bolshevism.

Council Communism & The Critique of Bolshevism

Answer to Dave Douglas - Cajo Brendel

Brendel replies to Douglass's criticisms of a summary of "Autonomous Class Struggle in Great Britain".

Dear Mr. Douglass,

Summary of the book "Autonomous Class Struggle in Great Britain" by Cajo Brendel (Cajo Brendel)

Cajo Brendel outlines his book on history of the class struggle in Great Britain in the three decades after World War II.

The autonomous class struggle which the book refers to is not even a specifically British phenomenon - it is a formula describing the increasing number of official and unofficial strikes in the first three decades of post-war capitalism all over the world.

Goodbye to the Unions! - A Controversy About Autonomous Class Struggle in Great Britiain

A debate between Dutch Council communist Cajo Brendel and NUM official Dave Douglass about the nature of trade unions.


- Introduction (Henri Simon)
- Summary of the book "Autonomous Class Struggle in Great Britain" by Cajo Brendel (Cajo Brendel)
- Some thoughts as I read the pamphlet "Autonomous Class Struggle in Britain" (Dave Douglas)
- Answer to Dave Douglas (Cajo Brendel)
- Rise and Decline of the Shop Stewards Movements as a Mediating Force (Theo Sander)

Theses on the Chinese revolution - Cajo Brendel

Solidarity's Cajo Brendel discusses the Chinese revolution and conflicts between the Chinese Communist Party and the working class and peasantry, and conflicts within the Party itself.

By Cajo Brendel Solidarity (U.K.) Pamphlet # 46 (1974)

Preface to the Second English Edition