Temp worker Stella shares her experiences of sabotage on-the-job.

Temporary Coding

A tale of toil from legal temp Mickey D.

Precarious work, self-management and co-operatives

The following is a presentation by the CNT-Granada Education Union for a conference on 'Precarious work, self-management and co-operatives', held in La Vecilla near León, Spain in August 2010.

Occupation of hospital cleaners against casualisation

About 30 women spend night on roof of Municipal Office protesting their precarious work conditions.

Schorndorf 1991: A Successful Temp Workers' Strike

The FAU was founded as a union for all wage-workers and therefore also for temporary workers. In March of 1991 a spontaneous and successful strike was launched by temp workers at the Bauknecht Company in the small swabian city of Schorndorf.

The Way It Was

Ana Logue reminisces about being a temporary worker in New York in 1965.

The Rise of the Six-Month Worker

Chris Carlsson analyses the worldwide growth of temporary agency work in this article for Processed World magazine in 1981.

Introducing Processed World

Everyone is reading Processed World! This company is doomed!

Introduction and history of Processed World - a quarterly paper published in 1980's and 1990's in Silicon Valley, California. PW was written by a group of radical office workers ("temps"). Unlike similar publications, PW made good use of humor and art to sharpen its subversive attack.

"At the root of this effort is our desire to live and take part in a radically different social system, a society which as yet exists nowhere on Earth." -- Introduction to Processed World

Are you doing the processing...
...or are you being processed?

Temp work at a shopping mall construction site, 2007

Prol-Position on casualisation and agency work on a German building site in 2007.

Temp work at Gate Gourmet Germany, 2007

Prol-Position on agency work at catering firm Gate Gourmet in Germany in 2007, following the strike of 2005-6.