R.I.P. Jacques Mesrine - Alèssi Dell’Umbria

A 2010 essay on the life, death and continuing appeal of the legendary French bank robber, kidnapper and escape artist, known as “Public Enemy No. 1” and “the man of a thousand faces”, Jacques Mesrine, the author of The Death Instinct, assassinated by the French police in 1979, who, despite his notoriety, said, just before he was killed: “some people want to transform me into a hero, but there are no heroes in crime. There are only men who have been marginalized and do not accept the laws because they are made for the rich and the powerful.”

There is no doubt that Jacques Mesrine was gunned down without warning by the French police, or that the order for this summary execution came from the highest levels of the state.

Dear Messrs Webb and Lustig…

An angry response to Robert Webb and Robin Lustig's criticisms of those who choose not to vote, in the wake of Russell Brand's anti-electoral declaration.

Thankyou both for your contributions [1][2] to the debating point “should we vote for Labour in the next election.”

Russell Brand, revolution and pragmatism

Today Russell Brand has made the news as he openly calls for revolution. Many comrades have been quick to criticise his statements for vagueness, but does it really matter if his statements didn't go far enough?

Russell Brand has long been a somewhat leftist friendly celebrity who is no stranger for causing some mild controversy.

1982 South African Grand Prix strike

Short account of the only strike in Formula One history, an almost unanimous 24 hour sit in in response to contractual changes.

In January 1982, the Fédération Internationale du Sport Automobile (FISA) drew up new superlicense conditions that would tie drivers to 3 year contracts. They also had to sign an agreement not to "harm the moral or material interests or image of International Motorsport or the FIA Formula 1 World Championship".

Dennis Rodman, de-domesticated man!

An article about how Dennis Rodman subverted the respectability and capitalist domestication of professional basketball in the US.

Libcom note: this article was written in 1996. From 1998 to 2008 Rodman faced multiple charges of domestic abuse of which the author of this piece was presumably unaware.

A class apart: A hundred years of Cary Grant

An article by Wu Ming on Cary Grant, masculinity and style as a martial art. Translated by Bianca Colantoni, it first appeared in the Italian daily paper L'Unità on January 18th, 2004.

Today is the centennial of Archibald Alexander Leach's birth, better known as Cary Grant. We'll never know if such an event had long been foretold by the constellations or whether it was anticipated by bizzarre events. Anyway, it was an important event for the following reasons.

Vidal Sassoon, "anti-fascist warrior hairdresser", dies

Vidal Sassoon, the celebrity hairdresser and one-time militant in the anti-fascist 43 Group, has died aged 84.

Sassoon, dubbed the "anti-fascist warrior hairdresser" by the Telegraph joined the East End-based 43 Group as a 17-year-old trainee hairdresser.

Jeremy Clarkson is a C**t

My thoughts on Jeremy Clarkson. Contains language that some may find slightly rude.

Jeremy Clarkson is a contemptible cunt. I had come to this conclusion long before his remarks about strikers yesterday, but now I hate him so much I felt physically sick whilst writing this.

Just in case you have not seen the footage, here is what he said when asked about the public sector strikes:

Should Rihanna loot small businesses, or chain stores?

Blog discussing the ethics of Rihanna's looting choices, from a communist perspective.

As mentioned in the new Aufheben, it has been widely discussed in left and anarchist circles about the targeting of small businesses or large chain retailers during the August outbreak of looting.

Jay Leno - scab

Unfunny talk-show host Jay Leno scabbed on the WGA writers strike of 2007-8.

Though the Tonight Show was not allowed to use writers during the ongoing strike, WGA member Jay Leno told monologue jokes he claims to have written himself.