The Starvation Army: Twelve reasons to reject the Salvation Army

Twelve reasons why you should think twice about supporting the Salvation Army.

1. Upholding inequality.

The heretic's guide to the Bible

The worst of the Bible: over 100 passages revealing the Bible to be a contradiction-ridden exercise in hate, misogyny, domination and submission and sadistic power fantasies, edited by Chaz Bufe.

One had better put on gloves before reading the New Testament. Bhe presence of so much filth makes it very advisable.
- Frederick Nietzsche, The Anti-Christ

Q - Luther Blissett

Set in the time of tremendous religious and political upheaval caused by the Reformation in Europe, Q begins with Luther nailing his 95 theses on the door of the Wittenberg cathedral -- a historical flash point which would completely disrupt European society. The novel traces the adventures and conflicts of two central characters as they travel across Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. One is an Anabaptist, a member of the most radical Protestant sect. These are the anarchists of the Reformation who revolted against Catholicism and the emerging Reformation church. The other is a Catholic spy and informer.


Out of Europe, 1555

On the first page it says: In the fresco I’m one of the figures in the background.
The meticulous handwriting, no smudges, tiny. Names, places, dates, reflections. The notebook of the final fevered days.
The yellowed and decrepit letters, the dust of decades.

Asylum seekers occupy a church in Vienna

Frustrated at the lack of help from the local or national government, being kept in terrible conditions, and frequent threats of deportation, 100 asylum seekers have occupied a church in Vienna – 27 of whom are now on hunger strike. Despite the possibility of alternative accommodation being found they are refusing to leave due to so many disappointments in the past.

In late December a large group of asylum seekers set up a tent city close to the Votivkirche church in Vienna. Following threats of eviction, many of them decided to occupy the nearby church.

Those that chose to remain in their tents were forcibly evicted this morning. Several were arrested for not having the correct documentation, and for allegations of assaulting the police.

The Pope and his phoney outrage

The Pope is said to be outraged at a new Benetton advert. It is a shame that he is not as outraged by child abuse.

A new advertising campaign by Benetton has caused outrage in the Vatican. Benetton has produced a series of posters that depict world leaders kissing each other on lips. The picture in question depicts the former Nazi pope kissing a prominent Muslim cleric.

Proletarian Gob special issue: The corpse of the millennium

An issue of anti-state communist magazine Proletarian Gob in which they reprint an article on Darwin, religion and racism by academic Andrew Pflaeger.

PROLETARIAN GOB is anti-capitalist, anti-state and ant-authoritarian. PROLETARIAN GOB is for the creation of a worldwide, free human community, which can only be achieved by the conscious actions of a revolutionary proletariat acting for itself and not at the direction of some 'Revolutionary Party'.

The Makhnovists and the Mennonites: war and peace in the Ukrainian Revolution

A Mennonite Selbstschutz unit photographed in the Ukraine, 1918

This is a story about massacres that occurred in Southern Ukraine between 26th October and 7th December, 1919. The victims, avowedly-pacifist German Mennonites, included several women and elderly people; in Eichenfeld, almost one third of the village population was killed, including a 65 year-old blind woman. All the massacres occurred in the vicinity of the Makhnovist army. And then, after six weeks, they stopped.

This is also the story of an émigré community whose members invented an anarchist bogeyman to justify having betrayed their pacifist principles. It’s about estate owners who earned 3000 times what they paid their labourers, landlords who conscripted soldiers to protect their wealth, and pacifists who fought for an army that killed tens of thousands of Jews.

A shadow of glorious (though strange) good things to come: The Ranters and libertarian communism in the English civil war

An image commemorating the Diggers

An examination of the Ranters, one of the most radical groups to emerge during the English Civil War. Taken from issue 74 of Organise!, the Anarchist Federation's magazine.

[i]The English Civil War (1641-1651) was a time unprecedented in English history.

Hegel - Chesterton: German Idealism and Christianity - Slavoj Žižek

Žižek gets theological.

According to a commonplace, Judaism (and Islam) is a "pure" monotheism, while Christianity, with its Trinity, is a compromise with polytheism; Hegel even designates Islam as THE "religion of sublimity" at its purest, as the universalization of the Jewish monotheism:

1970-1990: The war of counter-insurgency in El Salvador

Noam Chomsky on the ultra-violent war of the right-wing regime in El Salvador against grassroots resistance of workers, peasants and liberation theologists – socialist clergymen and women.

The crucifixion of El Salvador
For many years, repression, torture and murder were carried on in El Salvador by dictators installed and supported by the US government, a matter of no interest in the US. The story was virtually never covered. By the late 1970s, however, the government began to be concerned about a couple of things.