Article index by country

This list collects all articles published in the Japanese journal Libero International according to the country they deal with, in the order they were published.

Anarchists and the May 4 Movement in China

By Nohara Shirõ (translated by Philip Billingsley)

Pa Chin: the Latest News

Pa Chin, of course, is the Chinese anarchist writer, also known as Li Fei-kan.

The Korean Anarchist Movement

Let me first explain how I personally came to be involved with the anarchist movement in Korea. It's a story that goes back ten years.

Museihushugi: The Revolutionary Idea in Japan

Over the past two years I haven't been able to put as much energy as I would have liked into the regular production of 'Libero'. Apart from having become heavily involved in child-care and other activities as well as having taken on a new and demanding job, much of my time has been absorbed by the compiling of a full-length history of the anarchist movement in Japan.

A Message from the S.I.C.

We are sorry to say that we temporarily stop the Publication of our 'Libero International'. We thank you, those individuals arid groups who have written to us, subscribed to 'L.I.1', and exchanged materials with us. And now we must add that we also closed the PO Box of Kobe. From now on please send all materials and letters to: ( * * * )

Libero International No.6 (March 1980)

Issue No. 6 of the Japanese journal Libero International - the final issue.


This is the 5th issue of Libero Int'l, coming out almost 2 years after No. 4. The reasons for taking so long are many: reduction of the group to 3 members; preoccupation of 2 of them with newly-experienced father hood; doubts about L.I.s contents; and increasing involvement in other things; plus a new typewriter that broke down 3 times and held us up for 6 months.


It can be readily seen that little is known about Bakunin's activities in Japan (but, see below). As indicated in the text and in the footnotes, however, there are numerous leads which, if followed up, promise new revelations.