class struggle

Towards a History of Workers' Resistance to Work - Michael Seidman

"The implications of workers' resistance to work are far-reaching. The study of their reluctance to work shows that the claim by unions and political parties of the left to represent the working class is somewhat questionable. French and Spanish workers continued their traditional ways of resistance to labour in spite of calls by communists, socialists, anarchists or syndicalists for greater production.

Workers against work: labor in Paris and Barcelona during the Popular Fronts - Michael Seidman

Why did a revolution occur in Spain and not in France in 1936?

Answer to Dave Douglas - Cajo Brendel

Brendel replies to Douglass's criticisms of a summary of "Autonomous Class Struggle in Great Britain".

Force, violence and dictatorship in the class struggle

Force, Violence, and Dictatorship in the Class Struggle deals with the questions of the use of force in social relationships and the characteristics of the revolutionary dictatorship according to left communist interpretation.

Worker Passivity in China - A Maoist Myth

2000 paper on the Chinese workers' movement put together by the China Labour Bulletin.

The Zapatistas and the International Circulation of Struggle - Lessons Suggested and Problems Raised

A variation of this Paper, originally prepared for the conference on "Globalization from Below" at Duke in February 1998, presented to the INET'98 Conference in Geneva in July 1998.