class struggle

Singlejack solidarity - Stan Weir

Collection of writings by Stan Weir, a socialist who worked as a seaman, teamster, longshoreman, house painter, and auto assembler (among other things) and wrote about his experiences.

Past to present: lessons of the New Zealand labour movement

Video of a workshop given by Jared Davidson at Occupy Christchurch on union struggles in New Zealand, and draws out lessons that could inform our future activity.

Marx and the Anti-Poll Tax Movement - G. Barr

The poll tax was not an act of pure madness but was an attempt to deal with the intractable problems of the public goods crisis that afflicted the developed world. The response by the labour movement is examined in the light of the ideas developed about the state. The internal politics of the anti-poll tax movement and the changes provoked by the poll tax and its failure are then discussed.

'Logic and Economics of the Class Struggle' by Guy Aldred

Pamphlet by Guy Aldred, published by his Bakunin Press. Second Edition, 1908.

Class Rules Everything Around Me / WOT, NO DEMANDS?

Police at Occupy Oakland.

DSG briefly outline the break from the 'We Are All in This Together" rhetoric in regards to the economic crisis and how new forms of class struggle may start to emerge.

Capitalism, class and class struggle for (ex) dummies

A brief introduction to capitalism, class, and class struggle. Downloadable, ready-to-print PDF adapted from's introductions. Includes graphics.

Revolution and primitivism - Miguel Amoros

Transcript of a talk on primitivism given by Miguel Amorós in 2003 in which he distinguishes “between those who want to understand archaic societies in order to acquire conceptual weapons for confronting and transforming the world, and those who seek innocence and beatitude, lost in the passage of time, in primitive lifestyles” and compares the ideology of the latter—“vulgar” and “philistine” primitivists—to the bourgeois “idealization of nature” of the Enlightenment era.

Interview on The Black Book of Capitalism - Robert Kurz

Robert Kurz discusses his book, The Black Book of Capitalism, which he describes as a "radical-critical history of modernization since the 18th century", summarizes his views on "class struggle" in the context of his critique of value and labor, refers to the "dominant order" as "an accumulation of infamies" and calls for a movement "that will directly appropriate resources and bypass the detour of the market, the State, money and politics".

Endnotes: Two aspects of austerity

What are we to make of the current round of austerity? Some members of Endnotes give their assesment.

Technology and class

Subversion examine the role of technology in class struggle as a tool for ratcheting up the exploitation of the working class.