class struggle

From situationism to the abyss: a pamphlet against the harmful phenomena of the encyclopedia - Alpha Vingt

A libertarian Marxist/communist critique of the Encyclopedie des Nuisances, chronicling the group's evolution from situationist-inspired councilist activism during the 1970s, to its "abandonment of any kind of revolutionary perspective" during the early 1990s, until its final surrender to "passive contemplation of the catastrophe" and "apocalyptic defeatism" during the late 1990s. Includes critiques of Guy Debord's situationist theory and the Frankfurt School.

Class struggle and revolution

Subversion on the relationship between strikes and struggle today, and social revolution tomorrow.

Afterword to "the history of ten years" - Miguel Amoros

A former collaborator of the Encyclopedie des Nuisances chronicles the group's political trajectory from its situationist origins in the 1970s (inspired by Thesis 17 of The Veritable Split in the International regarding "pollution and the proletariat") to its ultimate disillusionment with the proletariat as revolutionary subject during the "extremely alienating conditions" of the 1990s.

Report on the Assembly Movement - Miguel Amoros

Brief analysis of the rise and fall of the Spanish assembly movement during the post-Franco transition in Spain during the late 1970s, written by a member of the Encyclopedie des Nuisances, in 1984.

History of ten years - Encyclopedie des Nuisances

Analysis of the outbreaks of class struggle in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Poland that took place between 1974 and 1984, published by the Encyclopedie des Nuisances in 1985.

Ab Ovo - Encyclopedie des Nuisances

In this essay the EdN argues that, in light of the destruction of the old framework of working class resistance, revolutionaries must start all over from scratch (Ab Ovo--"from the egg") and engage in new forms of contestation under the new totalitarian conditions imposed by the autonomous development of the society of the spectacle, for the "future economic secession of the immense majority".

Reading Marx in the 21st century-Robert Kurz

In this introduction to his 2001 book, Marx Lesen, German author Robert Kurz sets forth brief summaries of his concepts of "non-simultaneity", "catch-up modernization", the "exoteric" and "esoteric" Marx, and the importance of understanding the role of "fetishism" in modern capitalism.

The Progressive lockout and class struggle in Aotearoa-New Zealand

An article written in 2008 about a lockout of supermarket workers in New Zealand in 2006, looking at the role workers themselves played in the lockout, including some background to then state of class struggle in NZ.

The Beloit Iron Works and the submergence of class struggle

The history of class struggle in the Beloit Iron Works and how the company responded to it and kept it to a minimum.

The concept of the cycle of struggles - Roland Simon

Roland Simon of Theorie Communiste elaborates TC's concept of 'cycle of struggles' in their periodisation of the possibility of revolution.