class struggle

The making of the English working class - E. P. Thompson

E. P. Thompson's monumental study of the making of the English working class, and the development of its consciousness, during its formative years of 1780 to 1832.

Egypt's workers rise up - Joel Beinin

Suez Canal workers' protest, 2011.

Joel Beinin's analysis of the contribution of workers to the anti-Mubarak uprising and the possible consequences for both the social movement generally and the Egyptian working class specifically.

Sabotage - Emile Pouget

Emile Pouget's seminal text on militant working class direct action.

Direct action - Emile Pouget

Classic Emile Pouget essay on direct action in working class struggle. Published by the Fresnes-Antony Group of the French Anarchist Federation, 1994. English translation by the highly recommended Kate Sharpley Library.

On austerity in the 1980s - Modern Times

Cover of Modern Times 1988

The concluding article from a one-off magazine produced in 1988, dealing with the Thatcherite austerities of the time and their consequences for radical movements in the UK.

“Be his payment high or low”: the American working class in the sixties - Martin Glaberman

United Auto Workers union leader, Walter Reuther.

Martin Glaberman's analysis of workers' struggle in America in the 1960s and the conflicts which workers found themselves in with their unions.

Jeremy Brecher responds

Jeremy Brecher responds to Murray Bookchin's critical response of Brecher's review of Bookchin's book. Phew!

The revolutionary potential of “social scum”

Some thoughts on the possibility for a progressive politics of the excluded and Marxism's deep fear and loathing of the 'lumpen proletariat'.

Against the ‘medicine’ of austerity: The class struggle!

Leaflet from the International Communist Current about the austerity measures being made internationally and the struggles by workers against them.

Anarchism: Arguments for and Against - Albert Meltzer

Book Cover

This tract by celebrated British anarchist Albert Meltzer attempts to answer some of the most common objections to anarchism, but also to offer a critical view of the anarchist movement itself.