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On austerity in the 1980s - Modern Times

Cover of Modern Times 1988

The concluding article from a one-off magazine produced in 1988, dealing with the Thatcherite austerities of the time and their consequences for radical movements in the UK.


Any map of the world drawn today should have the word 'austerity' printed in large letters across it. Everywhere the message is cutbacks, however this may be justified in each separate state.

“Be his payment high or low”: the American working class in the sixties - Martin Glaberman

United Auto Workers union leader, Walter Reuther.

Martin Glaberman's analysis of workers' struggle in America in the 1960s and the conflicts which workers found themselves in with their unions.

1. One-Party Unions

Jeremy Brecher responds

Jeremy Brecher responds to Murray Bookchin's critical response of Brecher's review of Bookchin's book. Phew!

We all face the same problem of getting from the kind of society we have to the kind of society we want. I had hoped that Murray would try to answer some of the questions I raised about his approach to this problem. Instead, he seems to have applied the principle that the best defense is a good offense.

The revolutionary potential of “social scum”

Some thoughts on the possibility for a progressive politics of the excluded and Marxism's deep fear and loathing of the 'lumpen proletariat'.

Media pundits, politicians, and the outraged chattering classes often go on about the “underclass.”

Against the ‘medicine’ of austerity: The class struggle!

Leaflet from the International Communist Current about the austerity measures being made internationally and the struggles by workers against them.

[b]In Greece, there is immense anger and the social situation in explosive. Right now the Greek state is raining blows on the working class. All generations, all sectors of the class are being hit hard. Workers in the private sector, in the public sector, the unemployed, pensioners, students working on temporary contracts... No one is being spared.

Anarchism: Arguments for and Against - Albert Meltzer

Book Cover

This tract by celebrated British anarchist Albert Meltzer attempts to answer some of the most common objections to anarchism, but also to offer a critical view of the anarchist movement itself.

China: The generation of unhappy workers, 2007

Wildcat analyse the history and current situation of urban state workers in China, the employer attacks on them and the workers' responses.

Situation and protests of urban workers and un­employed

United against the social earthquake in Iran

Bus drivers organise in Iran

Wildcat Germany on geopolitics and class struggle in Iran in summer 2005.

1930-present: Labour unrest and the successive geographical restructuring of the world automobile industry

Militant: Flint strikers occupation, 1937

Beverly Silver traces the growth of workers power in the auto industry and the resultant outsourcing of industry to lower wage areas of the globe, where workers organised again and fought for better conditions, effectively spreading a militant workers' movement across the globe.


Working-class activity and councils - Germany 1918‑1923 - Peter Rachleff

Spartakists fighting - 1918

A survey of the main events and the limits of working class activity during the Revolution.

"[i]Without being conscious of it, the working class had conquered power in November of 1918. It had gone in its actions far beyond its explicit demands ‑‑ and far beyond the consciousness it had of its own activity and desires.