Thousands protest against Royal Surrey Hospital closure

St. Lukes cancer centre is threatened by the cuts.

7,000 people rallied in Guildford last Saturday as part of a fight to save the Royal Surrey Hospital from closure.

Door knocking guide

Tips for effectively carrying out door-knocking visits and talking to people in your local area.

Key ideas for community organising

Some very broad basic ideas for getting started at organising in your local area.

The six Panther Ps

Organising tips taken from the Black Panthers community organising strategies. Reproduced for reference.

Community organising

Information, guides and tips on organising around issues which affect you and other people living in your local area.


Our analysis of what is wrong with the UK health system and National Health Service, the reasons behind it, and what we as ordinary people can do about it.

The great Olympic rip-off

Rob Ray reveals the double standards being applied as the sporting juggernaught tears up London

1993-1996: The Dublin fight against water charges

A short history of the successful direct action campaign of non-payment which prevented the imposition of charges for water in Dublin, Ireland.

1971: Via Tibaldi occupation

Aerial view of Via Tibaldi today

A short history of an occupation of empty housing in Italy by workers who had inadequate accomodation. Their direct action and solidarity forced the council to house hundreds of people.

1971: The Quarto Oggiaro occupation

Via Mac Mahon, top left to bottom right

A short history of a militant mass occupation of empty housing in Milan, Italy, 1971 which pressured the government to give in and provide the participating families with housing.