Portugal: Pupils and workers oppose school closure

Students, teachers and school employees have been protesting against the closure of D. João de Castro Secondary School in Lisbon.

The self-organised students of the D. João de Castro Secondary School locked the gates of the school today - not for the first time - and gathered outside shouting slogans and chanting against the closure of the school ordered by the Ministry (supposedly to be merged with the Fonseca Benevides Secondary School).

Barred pub regulars fight back in Somers Town

Regulars barred from the Somers Town Coffee House in Chalton Street near Kings Cross, are demanding to be re-admitted to their local pub.

"Dozens" of regulars have been banned in a process described as "discrimination" by one member of the commmunity.

The Camden New Journal reports:

Lifelong regulars barred from a historic Somers Town pub when it went upmarket have started a petition demanding to be readmitted.

Glasgow: Mums occupy Carnwardic school against closure

Determined mothers are undertaking a series of overnight occupations of their working class neighbourhood school in a bid to save it from closure.

Carnwardric Primary School has 239 students – which would normally be a healthy size for a primary school, with an average of 34 students in each of its seven year groups. But with a regulation limit of one teacher to every 33 students, some Carnwardric year groups get two teachers. A larger merged school will have larger class sizes and fewer teachers.

Glasgow mums' school sit-in

In Glasgow on Friday, a sit-in protest was organised by mums at Carnwadric Primary school to protest against its closure.

The 239-pupil school is threatened with a merger with another school onto a new site one-and-a-half miles walk away for students, next to a motorway and mobile phone mast.

The Evening Times recorded the incident:
ANGRY mums staged an all-night sit-in protest at a Glasgow primary school.

Japan: Osaka's homeless resist evictions

The Osaka Municipal Government is today removing homeless communities from two of its parks in preparation for the World Rose Convention.

Around a third of Japan's 25000 homeless are based in Osaka, and these evictions are meeting mass resistance.

India: Villagers lock down iron factory

Jamshedpur: Annoyed by the air pollution caused by Sidhi Vinayak Metacom Limited, a sponge iron unit at Chowka under Seraikela-Kharsawan district, villagers from adjoining areas forcefully closed the company on Friday.

Police said the villagers had staged a dharna* in front of the company’s main gate on December 27, 2005, asking the company to install an electrostatic precipitator to control air pollution caused by the exhaust gas of the plant.

Bristol pool occupied

A group of protesters have occupied the site of the former Bristol North swimming bath on Gloucester Road.

The group entered the building in the early hours of Saturday demanding the building is reopened to provide a non-commercial space for the community.

Press Release:
We are a group of individuals concerned about the disappearance of public space and the privatisation of public services in Bristol. On Friday 20th January 2006, we reclaimed Bristol North Pool on Gloucester Road.

New Orleans residents resist bulldozers

With a cell phone crooked in her ear and scores of activists cheering her on in the 2000 block of Reynes Street, lawyer Tracie Washington sent a backhoe and its crew packing from the Lower 9th Ward Thursday morning...

It was more than a seemingly symbolic victory for Washington and her group, the Peoples Hurricane Relief Fund, which is representing homeowners in the Lower 9th Ward and will ask a federal judge today to stop up to 2,500 demolitions of homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina's floodwaters. The teardowns apparently are being contemplated by Mayor Ray Nagin's administration.

Struggle continues against Shell in the west of Ireland

A report on the libertarian camp and direct action campaign against a hazardous Shell refinery and pipeline development project

Rossport Solidarity Camp is due to re-open on the 25th of February, in a hitherto remote and little heard of corner of county Mayo in the West of Ireland.

NI: Water privatisation delayed until 2007

Government plans to implement water charges and privatise the Water Service in Northern Ireland has been put back again, this time to April 2007.

Ineptitude, opposition and a desire to dissipate growing resistance may all play their part in the further delay.

The most damaging aspect of this announcement is that it becomes harder to focus attention on the issue and build effective resistance.