Building Worker newsletter - Autumn 2007

Newsletter containing articles on organising site workers ahead of the Olympics, fighting the blacklist in Manchester, pay and holiday pay, a recent strike against racism and the dangers of trusting union officials.

300-strong wildcat in Milford Haven ends

300 workers walked out in support of Omar Mohamed (pictured)

Workers at South Hook LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) have gone back to work following a 26-hour stoppage in support of a colleague who claims to have suffered from racial abuse on site.

UK: Two fatal accidents at construction sites this weekend

A 20-year-old man has been killed on a construction site on Plymouth, just one day after a similar accident took the life of an 18-year-old in Scotland.

Canada: carpenter's wildcat spreads to other workers

250 carpenters at the Petro-Canada site launched the wildcat strike after their planned strike was banned by anti-union laws.

1886: The Bay View Massacre

Bay View Massacre memorial ceremony

The little known history of the massacre that occurred in Milwaukee, when 7,000 building workers and 5,000 Polish workers demanded the eight-hour work day.

‘General strike’ spreads across Peru

Riot police in Cuzco

As an indefinite teachers strike continues into its 12th day, farmers, miners and construction workers joined the protests, with one farmer shot dead by police.

China: Workers in Guangdong attacked for asking to be paid

A chinese construction worker in the shadow of a high rise

Construction workers building a dam near Heyuan, were attacked after demanding payment, having gone four months without wages.

Sweden: European Court sets precedent on foreign workers

Precendent: Mengozzi

The European Advocate General, Paolo Mengozzi advised the European Court of Justice that companies should respect local pay and conditions when hiring foreign workers.

Sweden: Migrant workers "used as slaves"

Construction worker (generic)

Young British men are being used as 'slave labourers' in Stockholm, police have said. The men are being used in building work, and according to reports they are paid only sporadically and live in squalor.

Cambodia: Garment workers threaten strikes

Garment workers are trying to prevent large pay cuts. At the same time building workers have gone on strike in support of sacked colleagues.