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From left radicalism to council communism: Anton Pannekoek and German revolutionary Marxism - John Gerber

German revolution, 1918-1919.

John Gerber on the revolutionary movement in Germany and the involvement of Anton Pannekoek in the shift of many workers towards council communism. In PDF format.

On council communism - Marcel van der Linden

Marcel van der Linden writes on council communism. In PDF format.

Marxism, prefigurative communism, and the problem of workers' control - Carl Boggs

Carl Boggs writes on the movement for workers' councils, looking at the examples of the failures of the Russian and German revolutions, and the Italian Biennio Rosso.

Councils and State in Weimar Germany - Guido De Masi and Giacomo Marramao

Guido De Masi and Giacomo Marramao write on the German workers' councils and council communist movement around the German revolution of 1918.

Bricianer, Serge, 1923-1997

A biography of French left communist Serge Bricianer.

Pannekoek and Workers' Councils - Serge Bricianer

Serge Bricianer on council communist Anton Pannekoek and his ideas on workers' councils.

The councilist movement in Germany (1914-1935): A history of the AAUD-E tendency

Article tracing the origins and theoretical development of the 'unitary' current of the General Workers' Union of Germany.

Extracts from the Leading Principles of the KAI

Extracts from the 1922 'Leading Principles' of the Communist Workers' International.

What does the Communist Workers Union want? - KAUD

1932 statement of the Communist Workers Union of Germany (Kommunistische Arbeiter-Union Deutschlands) on its perspective and purpose.