council communism

An essay aimed at discovering anarchism's relevance to modern society

A detailed and critical look at anarchism as a praxis from a councilist viewpoint, written by a member of the Brisbane Self-Management Group (SMG), Greg George. It was published as a pamphlet by the SMG in about the mid-1970s. The SMG were a councilist/libertarian socialist group in the tradition of Solidarity (UK) and Socialisme ou Barbarie (France).

Evolution of the Problem of the Political Workers Councils in Germany - Karl Korsch

Karl Korsch on problems with the workers' councils in the German revolution, written in 1921.

Paul Mattick and Council Communism - Claudio Pozzoli

Notes by Claudio Pozzoli on Paul Mattick, council communism and in particular its differences with left communism.

The workers' councils in the theory of the Dutch-German communist left - Philippe Bourrinet

Philippe Bourrinet looks at the formation of the Dutch-German communist left, and the development of Pannekoek's theorisation of workers' councils.

The German-Dutch communist left - Philippe Bourrinet

Revised edition of Philippe Bourrinet's history of the Dutch and German left communist currents.

Art as a weapon: Franz Seiwert and the Cologne progressives - Martyn Everett

Fig 1.  Hans Schmitz  -  Mass

An account of Franz Seiwert and the 'Cologne Progressives', a group or circle of artists who followed and participated in the radical currents around the German council communist organisations AAU and especially the AAU-E. The 'Cologne Progressives' may be the most radical group of artists ever.

Council communist theory - Peter J. Rachleff

Peter Rachleff's 1976 introduction to and history of council communism.

Council communism - Richard Gombin

Richard Gombin's 1978 introduction to the history and theory of council communism.

Council communism - Neil Fettes

Neil Fettes' introduction to the idea of council communism, written in 1999.

Kurasje documents

The majority of texts from council communist archive