council communism

AAUD/AAUD-E reader

A reader I compiled from various texts online of the AAUD/AAUD-E.

Gerd Arntz illustrations

A collection of working class and other assorted illustrations by German council communist artist Gerd Arntz.

Party and class - Anton Pannekoek

Dutch council communist Anton Pannekoek on the relationship between the revolutionary party and the working class.

Social democracy and communism - Anton Pannekoek

1919 text by council communist Anton Pannekoek on social democracy and communism.

Translator's introduction to the 1948 Chilean edition of Anton Pannekoek's Lenin as Philosopher - Lain Diez

A brief introduction to Pannekoek’s book on Lenin that defines the council communist tendency of Marxism as the long awaited bridge between Marxism and anarchism that promises to heal the rift of the Bakunin-Marx split in the First International. Written in the form of short “theses”, the text begins with a critical assessment of Trotsky’s opposition to Stalinism, supports Luxemburg’s and Mattick’s anti-Leninist critiques with regard to spontaneity and ends by agreeing with Karl Korsch’s negative identification of Leninism with social democracy as both being opposed to emancipatory socialism.

Anton Pannekoek and the theory of the transition - Radical Chains

Pannekoek's experience of the German revolution led him to observe that the workers' own struggle needed continuously to break down regimes and forms resulting from previous struggles. This gave him a powerful analysis of opportunism and enabled him to perceive the dangers of mere representation of the working class.

An essay aimed at discovering anarchism's relevance to modern society

A detailed and critical look at anarchism as a praxis from a councilist viewpoint, written by a member of the Brisbane Self-Management Group (SMG), Greg George. It was published as a pamphlet by the SMG in about the mid-1970s. The SMG were a councilist/libertarian socialist group in the tradition of Solidarity (UK) and Socialisme ou Barbarie (France).

Evolution of the Problem of the Political Workers Councils in Germany - Karl Korsch

Karl Korsch on problems with the workers' councils in the German revolution, written in 1921.

Paul Mattick and Council Communism - Claudio Pozzoli

Notes by Claudio Pozzoli on Paul Mattick, council communism and in particular its differences with left communism.