The Iranian coup, 1953

Roosevelt with the Shah of Iran

A detailed account of the overthrow of nationalist Iranian Prime Minister Mossadegh by the CIA at the behest of the British and American governments, written by Stephen Kinzer.

The US-orchestrated overthrow of the Nicaraguan government, 1910

US troops in Nicaragua, 1926

An account of the ousting of modernising President Zelaya of Nicaragua by the United States in 1910, written by Stephen Kinzer.

US imperialism in Cuba, 1898-1901

US troops land in Cuba

An account of how the United States effectively took over Cuba following the Spanish-American war, by Stephen Kinzer.

The US conquest of the Philippines, 1898-1902

Filipino casualties on the first day of the war

An account of the American takeover of the Philippines, beginning with the US defeating Spain, and ending with it brutally suppressing Filipino resistance, written by Stephen Kinzer.

The US annexation of Hawaii, 1893

Troops from U.S.S. Boston occupying Arlington Hotel grounds

An account of the overthrowing of the Kingdom of Hawaii and its annexation orchestrated by an American diplomat, written by Stephen Kinzer.

Capital and the state in contemporary Turkey - Turgut Taylan

Detailed article tracing the origins of the 1980 military coup in Turkey, discussing the political-economic history of the country, the struggles of its working class and the need of the ruling class to form a 'united front'.

Greek tragedy: the failure of the left - Bob Potter

Solidarity pamphlet 29 by Bob Potter from 1968 on the current lack of resistance to the military dictatorship, its historical roots and the previous failures of the Greek left during the civil war, World War II and before.

Khamsin #11: Modern Turkey - development and crisis

Issue 11 of the Khamsin journal from 1984 about Turkey, its political economy, international relations and its working class, socialist and feminist movements.

Armenian history: an anarchist perspective

This article reviews Armenian history, struggles, ancient political movements and peasant rebellions since antiquity from an anarchist perspective.

United States - further reading guide

libcom's guide to further reading around the United States, its history, its colonial past and the struggles of workers, women, African Americans and other ordinary people.