credit crisis

COSATU’s response to the Crisis: an anarcho-syndicalist assessment and alternative

Black Flame co-author Lucien van der Walt on the South African Trade Union Federation.

The red shoots of resistance? Recession struggles in the UK

The Lindsey refinery wildcat strike

Article written in 2009 examining key workers' struggles in the UK as the recession took hold, including the Ford Visteon occupation and Lindsey refinery wildcat strikes.

Return of the crisis: Part 1

Aufheben analyse the causes and nature of the credit crunch and subsequent financial crisis.

To the workers of Europe and the world - AG Gare de l'Est and Île de France

A call to arms to workers of the world against the worldwide wave of imposed austerity measures, produced by participants in the "General Assembly Gare de l'Est and Île de France".

Frequently Asserted Fallacies of the Crisis and How to Quash Them

As the government's savage cuts swing into motion, The Mute Collective and John Barker take on some of the most common arguments used to justify them.

Burdened with debt: "Debt crisis" and class struggles in Greece - TPTG

TPTG analyse the crisis in Greece and how it is influencing capitalist restructuring, and how the working class is responding to the resulting austerity measures.

Statement on the continuing social struggles in Greece

A statement written by anarchist communist group Eutopia on the continuing struggles in Greece and the growing visibility of the anarchist movement. Published by Umanita Nuova (paper of the Italian anarchist federation) August 2010.

For communist workers' inquiry

A working paper for an assembly of The Commune examining communist potential within the crisis and challenges for revolutionaries.

Local report from Hackney, London - Crisis in the city's ripped backyard

A report on the effects of the crisis, cuts, restructuring and possibilities for struggle in Hackney, east London.

Artificial scarcity in a world of overproduction: an escape that isn't

The one strategy open to crisis-ridden capitalism that doesn't risk class antagonism is the creation of artificial scarcity through regimes of intellectual property. Sander explains, however, that the ‘production of innovation' is no replacement for the production of value.