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Burdened with debt: "Debt crisis" and class struggles in Greece - TPTG

TPTG analyse the crisis in Greece and how it is influencing capitalist restructuring, and how the working class is responding to the resulting austerity measures.

Greece has been located at the heart of the continuing global capitalist crisis during the last months.

Statement on the continuing social struggles in Greece

A statement written by anarchist communist group Eutopia on the continuing struggles in Greece and the growing visibility of the anarchist movement. Published by Umanita Nuova (paper of the Italian anarchist federation) August 2010.

After the November elections, the social-democrat government of PASOK has begun an unprecedented attack on the rights and income of workers and pensioners. Meanwhile, the banking system exercises suffocating pressure on small businesses by imposing the disablement of further loan taking and lack of cashing and, thus, leads small and middle size businesses to shut down.

For communist workers' inquiry

A working paper for an assembly of The Commune examining communist potential within the crisis and challenges for revolutionaries.

The following notes are an individual contribution, they are not particularly sharp or structured, neither are they too funky in style.

Local report from Hackney, London - Crisis in the city's ripped backyard

A report on the effects of the crisis, cuts, restructuring and possibilities for struggle in Hackney, east London.

Written for debate at the 'Commune'-assembly on September 11th 2010 in London: -11th-september-assembly/


1) Intro
2) Class/Capital Structure in Hackney
3) General Re-Structuring in the Terrain
4) Overview of the Cuts
5) Recent Strikes / Resistance
6) Initiatives of the Left

Artificial scarcity in a world of overproduction: an escape that isn't

The one strategy open to crisis-ridden capitalism that doesn't risk class antagonism is the creation of artificial scarcity through regimes of intellectual property. Sander explains, however, that the ‘production of innovation' is no replacement for the production of value.

Whether today's global overcapacity is seen as cause or effect of the economic crisis, one thing is certain: it isn't easy to make a profit in a world awash with overproduction. Capitalism is born in conditions of scarcity and is unable to function outside of them. So it seems logical that the crisis creates a tendency to restore these conditions artificially.

Romania: Protests against austerity measures grow, general strike planned

Areas of the Romanian capital Bucharest were paralysed today by 50,000 demonstrators protesting against the savage austerity measures currently being pursued by the Romanian government. Meanwhile, unions have threatened a general strike on the 31st of May.

The protest was one of the biggest since the fall of the Ceauşescu government in 1989, and follows a number of demonstrations in the Romanian capital since the announcement of the cuts.

In critical and suffocating times - TPTG

The Ta Paida Tis Galarias (The Children of The Gallery) group report on the recent demonstrations in Athens against austerity measures, including the events leading to the tragic deaths of three bank workers and its implications for the movement of opposition.

What follows is a report on the demo of the 5th of May and the one that followed the day after and some general thoughts on the critical situation the movement in Greece is in at the time being.

Austerity measures approved in Greece, protests continue

Greek protestor beaten.

The new measures have been voted in the Greek Parliament yesterday by a majority of 172 votes out of a total 300, these including the votes of the ruling Socialist Party (PASOK) and the extreme-right party of junta nostalgic creeps, LAOS.

The Conservative party, the Communist Party and the Radical Coalition of the Left voted against the measures. The procedure was not without surprises as 3 PASOK MPs cast a blank vote, leading to their expulsion from the Party. One of them a veteran Socialist politician and Olympic Games champion Mrs Sacorafa is refusing to hand over her seat in Parliament.

General strike paralyses Greece

Greece has been brought to a standstill as angry workers stage a general strike over planned austerity measures.

All flights are grounded and no trains or ferries are running as transport workers join public sector staff who began a 48-hour strike on Tuesday. Thousands have taken part in rallies in Athens and police have clashed with some protesters outside parliament.

New wave of strikes over austerity measures in Greece

A new wave of strikes against austerity measures are under way in Greece as unions react to social security changes ahead.

It has been a lukewarm return to the pre-Easter labour mobilisations, but it seems that another strike wave is on the rise in greece, once again against the austerity measures imposed under the constant shadow of the possibility of the country coming under IMF supervision.