credit crisis

Mass strikes in Greece in response to new measures

Mass strikes with only hours prior warning are unfolding in Greece after the government announced new crippling measures for workers

"State of war" declared by Greek PM

The greek PM, Giorgos Papandreou, has declared the country in "a state of war" after extended meetings with the EU economics commissioner Mr Rehn, leading workers to declare more strikes.

Greece running out of fuel as customs officers extend strike

Serious fuel shortages are spreading across Greece as customs officers decide to extend their strike against austerity measures until Tuesday.

New week of strikes in Greece

Customs officers, petrol carrying lorries, taxi drivers and Ministry of Economics workers go on strike this week against the austerity measures.

A Marxist Political Economy of Capitalist Instability and the Current Crisis - Hillel Ticktin

Hillel Ticktin on a Marxist political economy of the financial crisis of 2008-9 and capitalism's uncertain future.

Public sector strike paralyzes Greece

Strikers face off with riot police

The 24h public sector general strike supplemented by private sector strikes has brought Greece to a standstill with no airplanes flying in or out the country.

Ben Goldacre debunks media claims about the Public Sector "gravy train"

Some of you may have noticed a pair of stories in the Sunday Times and the Telegraph respectively claiming that "public sector pay is racing ahead in the recession".

Comments on crisis: Stop looking into the headlights

Various thoughts from Prol-Position on the financial crisis beginning in 2008.

Russia. At the bottom.

Short article about the situation in Russia. Has been released as an introduction to the ARS magazine "Maximalist".

Promissory Notes: From Crisis to Commons

Historical overview of the recent financial crisis from the North American autonomist Marxist group Midnight Notes Collective