credit crisis

Crisis in California - everything touched by capital turns toxic

California dreaming turns to California nightmare as decades of agribusiness, real estate development and exploitation of migrant workers take their toxic toll. Gifford Hartman takes us on a guided tour of the Golden State's darkside.

Higher education: It's become our crisis

Already faced with cuts before the crisis, education now looks to be one of the sectors hardest hit, and not merely financially. Kirsten Forkert looks at the current conflict in higher education and the difficulties faced by those trying to protect it

China: crisis, class struggle, and the 'harmonious society'

The global economic crisis had a severe effect on China. However, there has been much talk recently about its impressive recovery and the return of its economy to growth. This article analyses the situation in China, and argues that the economic crisis catalysed a wave of struggle which has continued into the present, regardless of the supposed health of the economy.

Occupy the Crisis: The Emerging Student-Worker Direct Action Movement in California

UCSC occupation #1

A summary of the recent student occupation movement commissioned by the antioch rebel newspaper from a participant in the UCSC actions.

Sticky fingers: KPMG and the accountancy oligopoly

Following their involvement in the bankruptcy of car parts manufacturer Visteon, John Barker examines KPMG and the murky world of the "big four" accountancy firms.

The end of the automobile

An analysis focusing on Germany of developments in the global car industry between its inception and the financial crisis of 2008-9.

Co-operatives: all in this together?

An interesting article from The Economist discussing the merits of workers' co-operatives as a means to avoid class conflict in a time of recession.

Belfast protests continue for sacked Nortel workers


Sacked Nortel workers and supporters continued their protests in Belfast today rallying for their redundancy packages.

Bailouts, co-operatives or class struggle - a debate

A debate between Iain McKaye and the libcom group about an adequate workers' response to the credit crunch - should we advocate nationalisation, co-op's, or struggle?

Private sector pensions under threat in UK

About half the final-salary pension schemes in the private sector will have closed to existing employees within the next three years, a survey by actuarial firm Watson Wyatt suggests.