Radical America #20.04: 1967 Twentieth Anniversary

Constituent Items:

It just be's dat way sometime the sexual politics of Women's blues (Carby, Hazel V.)
Changing the scientific myths of gender and race (White, E. Frances Woodhull-McNeal, Ann)
Breaking the blockade a conversation with Cuban filmmaker Tomas Alea (Georgakas, Dan)

Hurricane Sandy: Observatorio Crítico launches independent relief effort in Cuba

Translation of appeal for donations from Observatorio Crítico de Cuba, the independent Marxist grouping based in Cuba

Solidarity in the face of catastrophe: let’s put the network to work!

Hurricane Sandy forcefully punished Cuba’s east coast on 25 October, leaving 11 deaths, a desolate landscape and 3 million affected victims. The superstorm has created a complicated humanitarian situation in the eastern provinces of Santiago de Cuba, Holguín and Guantánamo.

Havana hub: Cuban anarchism, radical media and the Trans-Caribbean anarchist network, 1902-1915

An essay on Caribbean anarchists and their newspaper ¡Tierra! .


Enrique Roig de San Martin – The motherland and the workers (1889)

Roig de San Martin, editor of the weekly anarchist paper El Productor, responding to an article in the “liberal” paper El Pais, which called on workers to support the cause of Cuban independence.

The Motherland and the Workers

It is not because we are “faint of heart”, not because we are “hot-headed” nor “for reasons of a personal nature, even though we be the sons of this land”, that we shy away from “defending [Cuba's] dignity and grandeur”.

El Pais should know that in acting as we do we are prompted solely by the dictates of honest conscience.

International Statement of Solidarity With Cuban Anti-Authoritarians: You Are Not Alone

Statement in support of Cuban Anti-Authoritarian/Horizontalist organizers, workers, activists, artists, musicians y mas in Cuba. Scroll down to see current list of endorsements and the original statement in Spanish.


Reportback from 2011 Critical Observatory: Cuban Social Forum

A report from the 5th Observatorio Critico forum in Havana. This year the event was promoted as a Cuban Social Forum bringing together diverse groups and individuals from across Cuba to meet, discuss and work together on the formation of a supportive activist network of made up of self-managed/non-state aligned autonomous organizations and projects in Cuba.

Translated from Spanish @ Foro Social Cubano 2011 en marcha

March 26, 2011, kicked off the first day of the 5th Cuban Social Forum, in the working class Havana neighborhood of Cocosolo. The forum was convened by the Critical Observatory Activist Network.

Red Protagónica Observatorio Crítico

The Cuban revolution: A critical perspective - Sam Dolgoff

Castro takes power in Havana

Sam Dolgoff's book offering a critical account of the Cuban Revolution of 1959 from anarchist perspective.

From the Anarchy Archives, with a large number of corrections by

Unfortunately chapters 11 and 12 have the text garbled and so are omitted here in text format, as the appendices. Everything, however is in the PDF document below.

Cuba: dockers successfully block the exportation of scarce rice reserves

Dockworkers at the port of Havana had struck and blockaded the port, refusing to load a shipment of rice bound for Haiti, pointing to a chronic national shortage.

Rice has been unavailable in the "island socialist paradise" for a month now. It can't even be found in the elitist convertible stores (which accept pesos convertibles from the small elite and tourists, while workers' wages and rations are paid in the moneda nacional). The shortage has been a cause of great public outcry, as this episode demonstrates.

Libertarian contingent on Mayday demonstration in Havana, Cuba

Members of the Red Protagónica Observatorio Crítico in Havana, Cuba joined the main Mayday march, with banners promoting grassroots organisation and an end to bureaucracy, claiming that real socialism is democracy, as well as distributing a letter. A week before the march, the collective had organised a public event, promoting the libertarian origins of Mayday. After the demonstration, some of the contingent convoked an impromptu rumba in a city centre square, as marchers stopped to dance to their African drum rhythms.

Cuba: interview with the Movimiento Libertario Cubano

During mid-June 2008 the Iberian counter-information collective A Las Barricadas posed several questions to the MLC… The complete text of this interview follows.

We’re interviewing the Cuban Libertarian Movement (Movimiento Libertario Cubano – MLC), an organization made up of anarchists in exile in different parts of the world. In these days of apparent change, of transition, as the European and North-American media would have it, it’s of interest to know first hand about what’s happening inside the island.