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The League of Revolutionary Black Workers.

Documentary about the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, a radical black workers' group based in the car factories of Detroit. Through interviews with members, supporters and opponents as well as footage of leafleting and picket lines, the film documents their attempts to build a radical black workers' organisation to take on both management and the union and fight to improve conditions for all workers, black and white.

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Separate agreement leads to expulsion of FIOM from Fiat Italian factories

Workers of the FIOM union are marching

Thousands of FIAT workers will no longer be represented by FIOM, the main Italian union of mechanical industrial workers.

In a unilateral decision, on December 22 (2011), the main industrial group of Italy cancelled the collective bargaining agreement with its plants, while at the same time abandoning Confindustria (the Italian Association of Industry Owners).

Car industry disputes, 2005

Short roundups of various workers' struggles in the global automobile industry by Prol-Position in 2005.

Update on Car Industry: More strikes

Update on the car industry, 2005

Short update on strike of lorry drivers which stopped production at FIAT plant in Melfi/Italy, a strike note from VW in Navarra/Spain and news on ‘revolutionary’ production relations between assembly plant and suppliers at DC in Toledo/USA.

The following events occurred against the background of the aggravating crisis of the global car industry (see also the article on the GM strike in ppnews #1, 3/2005, page 3). At the beginning of June 2005 GM announced the closing of plants in the USA, which would result in the loss of 25,000 jobs in addition to the 12,000 jobs cut in Europe.

Anatomy of an industrial struggle: Chrysler factory at Tonsley Park in Adelaide 1976-1978

A worker at the Tonsley Park Chrysler plant

An account of two years of struggle at an Australian Chrysler plant by one of the workers, including a detailed look at the role of the union.

This article by Garry Hill, a worker at the Tonsley Park Chrysler plant near Adelaide in Australia, describes a series of struggles in which he was actively involved.

Wildcat: Dodge Truck June 1974

Detailed article by participants and eyewitnesses about the wildcat strike at the Chrysler truck plant in Michigan, 1974, and the roles of the workers, the union and the left.


The end of the automobile

An analysis focusing on Germany of developments in the global car industry between its inception and the financial crisis of 2008-9.

The 'service society' and the end of industrial work has been propagated for decades now. Today the press is stuffed with reports on the importance of the automobile industry for the national economy and with pictures of industrial workers. The articles and pictures scream out: 'This is supposed to be the end?! – Unbelievable!!'.

The carrot and the stick: December 11, 1968

DRUM's attack on the spectacle of the Chrysler Corporation's "milestone agreement" to "pour $1,000,000 into colored-owned banks in three US cities".

(from DRUM Newsletter Number 24)

Canada: Wildcat strike in solidarity with sacked auto workers

Photo of strikers from CANADIAN PRESS

Workers at a plant in Guelph, Ontario struck on Saturday in support of sacked Toronto car employees occupying their plant for severance pay.

The Guelph Mercury reported that auto workers at Guelph Products Collins & Aikman went on a wildcat strike Saturday to support workers at a Toronto plant pushing for severance pay for 200 laid-off workers.

Nearly 75 of the Guelph plant's staff walked off the job around 3:30 p.m. and management barricaded the turnstile entrances with chains and steel bars so the workers couldn't re-enter.

Toronto: auto workers occupy factory

150 auto workers occupied their factory yesterday in a dispute over unpaid severance pay whilst hundreds more demonstrated outside.

Workers barricaded doors at the Collins & Aikman plant in Scarborough, a suburb of Toronto, yesterday. The factory produces floor, acoustic systems and cockpit modules for cars.

200 workers have been laid off at the plant since it filed for bankruptcy in 2005, but they have not been paid severance pay. The company claims that its US arm won't release the funds.